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Couple Was Shocked To See 2 Adorable Puppies On Their Own So They Decided To Help Them

Couple Was Shocked To See 2 Adorable Puppies On Their Own So They Decided To Help Them

It’s absolutely heartbreaking to see small puppies terrified of seeing other people. Even at that age, they have likely been neglected or outright abused by someone.

This makes it really hard for anyone else to regain that trust as the pups no longer trust other humans, and trying to ease them up can result in a lot of problems.

When this couple heard about two puppies who had been abandoned by their owner, they just had to do something to help.

They Found The Puppies

sad puppy looking at man
Source: Youtube

When they arrived at the location, the first thing they did was to try and find the puppies. They were able to do that pretty quickly.

At first glance, the two puppies seemed a bit depressed. They had been abandoned and didn’t know how to take care of themselves, which was really heartbreaking.

However, the rescuers approached them slowly and noticed that one of the pups was having none of it.

He started growling in their presence, and there was no way to get close. The other one was pretty sad but lightened up upon seeing other people.

As far as trust goes, she still believed in humanity and accepted the couple’s help immediately. They gave her some nice pets and curled him up in a blanket because she had a lot of fleas.

abandoned puppy
Source: Youtube

Now that they knew the job was halfway done and they wouldn’t have to convince both of them, the couple focused solely on the puppy, who was scared.

One of the rescuers, Brady, told The Dodo: “I reached for him and he started growling. We waited there just so that he could trust us, feel our soft touch of hand.

After a while, he seemed to relax a little bit and accepted their help. Brady gently took him in his arms and then placed them both in the car. 

Now, they had to take the puppies to a veterinarian clinic for professional help. They decided to name the puppies Bodhi and Zoey.

Bodhi’s And Zoey’s Journey

puppies standing outdoor
Source: Youtube

After the vet exam, they started treating the puppies. It took only three days for them to get healthy enough to be discharged. That’s where Brady and Alex come in.

Brady said: “So they’re healthy enough to come home with us. So we’re gonna take them home and start our foster journey.

When they were finally in their foster home, things were immediately different for them. Bodhi was still a bit hesitant to be around his rescuers, but he was slowly coming out of his shell.

The two puppies were together almost all the time, and Alex and Brady were unlikely to ever see them separate.

Because Zoey trusted her rescuers, Bodhi also warmed up to them, and the change was really noticeable.

The couple loved them so much and worked tirelessly to help them find a proper home. Bodhi’s health changed a lot faster than Zoey’s, so he was already ready for an adoption.

A Successful Adoption

man draging puppy
Source: Youtube

They took him to an adoption even without his sister, but they wanted to find an adopter who would take them together because the puppies were inseparable.

One couple approached Brady and Alex and they explained the situation entirely. They showed pictures of Zoey and invited them to see her.

Once they saw how cute the two puppies were together, it was clear that the couple wanted to adopt both.

a girl with puppies
Source: Youtube

In the end, Alex said: “They kept in touch, and they sent pictures, but we still missed the pups so much.” 

But, at that moment, they had an amazing idea. They threw the puppies an official adoption party, and it went great. Everyone loved it, and the puppies were finally happy.

It’s really heartwarming to see that Bodhi and Zoey now finally have a loving home with people who will cherish them forever.