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Oklahoma Couple Shocked By What They Found On Their Front Porch

Oklahoma Couple Shocked By What They Found On Their Front Porch

As I was researching this story, it got me thinking a lot about dogs with certain disabilities. One fate for most such animals is that they get euthanized to prevent them from suffering.

However, it’s all too wrong, as these dogs have a lot of love to give so long as someone is willing to care for them. They all deserve a forever home and a good family.

In this story, we will talk about a blind dog and her sibling, who were abandoned and left on the front porch of someone’s house.

An Abandoned, Blind Dog

shy dog on the grass
Source: YouTube

When Matt and Irene heard some noise coming from the front lawn of their house in Oklahoma, they went outside to investigate.

They were surprised to see that there were 2 dogs outside on their front porch. During their encounter, one of them ran away out of fear, while the other one was unable to.

Matt quickly took notice of the fact that the one who stayed was actually blind and just didn’t understand his environment.

They took the dog, now named Lilly, into their house and decided to help her. The first thing that needed to be done was to soften her up with some food and cuddles, but she just seemed too scared.

white dog hiding behind a desk
Source: YouTube

After some time had passed, the couple noticed a change in the dog’s attitude. She became a bit more outgoing and was welcoming any and all attention from humans.

Lilly also enjoys running around a bit in the yard, despite the fact that she can’t see. However, Matt is always there watching over her to make sure she won’t trip over something.

The couple noticed that her tail was wagging quite a bit as days went by, and she became a changed dog in such a short time. 

Lilly’s Sibling Is Finally Saved

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Source: YouTube

It was only ten days since Matt and Irene got Lilly, and it looked like it was time for another one. On one fateful day, their neighbor came up to them and asked them about a dog in the barn.

They were confused, but decided to check it out. Irene told The Dodo: Mira was sitting in the middle of the hay barn, and she saw us and she just took off, she was gone.

This particular reason is why they were surprised to see her back. Irene took her and brought her into the house where they noticed that she was completely relaxed.

Irene continued by saying: At one point, she just came up and then she sat next to me. 

Mira’s rapid change in attitude did catch them off guard quite a bit, but it was very welcoming. Simply knowing that she likes to be there means a lot to them.

two dogs in a yard
Source: YouTube

When she saw her sibling, Lilly, she just went directly to her. Since that point, the duo has remained completely inseparable.

They just love playing together and napping a lot of the time. Matt and Irene are so happy to see their amazing bond, knowing how much it means to have a sibling.

While we don’t exactly know if the two siblings were adopted, I have no doubt that Matt and Irene will do a great job taking care of them until they find their forever home.