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Couple Shocked To Discover That The Small Dog They Adopted Has Quite A Big Personality

Couple Shocked To Discover That The Small Dog They Adopted Has Quite A Big Personality

All of us dog owners have, at some point, witnessed our happy furry friends get zoomies and just start running all over the place.

It’s not uncommon as they are animals who need physical activity on a daily basis in order to be stimulated. Without it, it’s really hard for them to enjoy anything.

However, even in the most extreme cases, I have never seen a dog quite so energetic to the point where you wonder if they know how to relax at all.

In this story, we will talk about a couple who adopted a small dog and were surprised by how energetic and lively he was.

Wilson’s Cheerful Spirit

When Jules and her boyfriend decided to adopt a dog, they didn’t quite imagine or expect how it was going to turn out.

They met Wilson and were surprised by his size, or lack thereof. He was a very unusual puppy, but they liked him.

Jules told GeoBeats Animals: “I was absolutely shocked by his size. He was about two and a half pounds, three pounds, a tiny little guy that would literally get lost in the grass.

They then decided that he was going to be the one they took into their home. After a while, they noticed just how energetic he was.

After he moved in with them, he quickly memorized where his apartment was and would always sprint down the hall after they got back from a walk.

Because of this habit of his, they decided to give him a nickname: Thunder Paws, and he deserved it.

However, he doesn’t just enjoy running around. He also likes taking it slow and resting every once in a while.

Jules continues by saying: “He was totally an old soul in terms of his intelligence, in terms of his ability to read the room and interact with people.

Jules And Wilson’s Friendship

She has bonded so much with Wilson and just loves him so much. The two would be together almost all the time, and they got along so well.

Even though he was a very unusual dog, Wilson would always recognize when his mom had a bad day and would be there to comfort her.

One thing that is really surprising about him is that he seems to love snow a lot but can’t stand the rain.

Whenever it would snow, he would get the zoomies and start digging his paws in as much as he could.

One of the funniest things he does for Jules is when he brings her a stick. She said: “He is so proud of really parading anything around the bigger the stick, the better for him.

And, to make things even funnier, if she ever even tried to take a stick away from him, he would know where she placed it and would whine until she gave it back.

It’s really an interesting thing to imagine what it would be like to have Wilson as your dog, especially when it comes to walking.

One thing that surprised Jules was that he would get a bit impatient and would just take the leash and walk himself around. I mean, does it get any funnier than that?

The two of them are just absolutely a pleasure to watch together, and they are really a great example of just how important it is to value our bond with dogs.