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Couple Adopted A Senior Pitbull And Soon Learned About The Secret She Was Carrying

Couple Adopted A Senior Pitbull And Soon Learned About The Secret She Was Carrying

The ultimate rule about having a dog is that you always have to be prepared for new things. Just when you think that you have seen it all, these four-legged furballs will surprise you with something unprecedented.

Sugar, the Pittie girl saved by giant-hearted rescuers from California, went a step further! 

This amazing doggo girl shocked her hoomans with an unexpected litter, even though she was considered to be in her senior years. This is her story…

Sugar Mom Beating The Odds

Briana and John Flores, the founders of IPittytheBull Foundation, from California, welcomed Sugar Mama when no one else wanted to. Despite the fact that this poor Pittie girl came with countless issues, the two welcomed her with arms wide open!

She was overbred and very weak from so many pregnancies during her lifetime, and on top of all that, Sugar had skin problems. 

What her rescuers didn’t know at the time was that Sugar was hiding a big secret – she was expecting her litter soon! 

It was hard to imagine that this senior dog would soon be a mom, but when her stomach started to show, Briana and John made sure to give her the best treatment possible!

“We love this girl so much and we would be lying if we said we weren’t worried about her but she’s already overcome so much she deserves our confidence not our worry,” the IPTB team wrote on Facebook.

Soon enough, Sugar Mama went into labor, and hours later – she gave birth to three beautiful puppies Cookie, Cane, and Cube.

In the beginning, everything seemed to be fine until Briana and John noticed that Sugar Mama wasn’t feeling well. 

She wasn’t producing any milk and she barely ate and drank water. It was more than evident that this senior mom had no strength to take care of her babies, so Briana stepped in.

She fed all three of her puppies around the clock. She gave them a bottle every two hours for the first several weeks, and soon enough – they gained healthy weight and started weaning off milk.

Off To Foster Care

After receiving the much-needed vet care, Sugar Moma felt better right away! She started eating properly again, and she had her long-needed spay surgery. 

Even though she was in her senior years, she was so full of life and personality! Right after she gave birth to her very last litter, she got an amazing foster mom.

Sesil and her amazing family opened up their home for Sugar, and they were more than happy to provide this senior girl with a loving home during her golden years.

“We didn’t want to get our hopes up but when they decided to open up their home to her we were over the moon! They are people we respect so much and we know they will give mama everything she needs and more,” IPTB wrote.

She initially went into Sesil’s home on a temporary basis, but soon enough, Sugar became a foster fail! The family fell in love with this Pittie in record time. They just couldn’t imagine life without her anymore, so they decided to adopt her for good!

Once an exhausted dog with multiple health issues and no roof above her head, Sugar Moma has finally got what she has been looking for all this time – a loving family and a warm home!