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This small herding dog is so adorable that it was Queen Elizabeth’s favorite canine! On this page you can find all the information that will make you realize why is that so.

beautiful corgi lying on the sofa

Teacup Corgi: Why Is It So Small And Cute?

If you didn't think Corgis can get any cuter - think again! Everything you need to know about the cutest teacup pup is a click away.

Corgi sitting on the grass

Are Corgis Hypoallergenic? 9 Things You Need To Know

This is one of the main questions future Corgi owners wonder about. Here’s everything you need to know.

corgi sits in the grass

Do Corgis Shed? Tips And Tricks For Flawless Dog Hair

Do corgis shed like other breeds? How should you handle the loose hair? If you don't wanna get covered in dog hair, you should read this.

a beautiful corgi runs across the avalanche

What Are Red Corgis? Pembroke And Cardigan Corgi Breeds

A dwarf-dog from Wales that's a companion to royalty and a great family pet – what makes the red Corgi special?

beautiful and happy merle corgi lying in the woods

Merle Corgi – 7 Things You Need To Know Before Buying

These adorable Corgis draw attention no matter where they go! But there are a few things you should be aware of before you opt for this coat pattern.

the boy and Corgi rest on the road after the walk

Are Corgis Good With Kids? Advice To Parents With Corgis

These herding dogs are lovable and affectionate pets, but are they child-friendly? The answer is right here.

fluffy corgi

Fluffy Corgi: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

Meet one of the most adorable fluffy pups that will immediately steal your heart and become your best friend for life.

two corgi dogs sitting next to each other on the beach

Male Vs Female Corgi – Is There A Difference? What You Need To Know

Is there any difference between genders when it comes to Corgis? Which one should you choose? Here's what you need to know before you get a new pet!

beautiful dog corgi in yellow autumn leaves

How Much Do Corgis Cost? Prices And Expenses Calculated

How much do these dogs cost and what are the average monthly expenses of owning them? Here, you’ll find all the numbers you need!

Happy corgi dog sitting in dandelions in the grass

Corgi Colors: The Coat Colors And Markings Of The Corgi

Learn all about the Pembroke and the Cardigan Welsh Corgi coat colors and markings with our easy-to-understand guide.

cute corgi mix dog on the grass outdoor

34 Adorable Corgi Mixes That Will Make You Go ‘Awwww!’

There are many Corgi mixes – but which one is the best? We’ll provide you with 34 popular crossbreeds so that you can decide for yourself.

brindle corgi

Brindle Corgi: 10+ Facts About These Cute Fluffy Friends

Check out the interesting characteristics and facts about these adorable creatures that'll melt your heart instantly!

cute corgi puppy

Corgi Growth Chart: How Big Do Corgi Puppies Get

Do you wonder how big your Corgi pup will get? Consult this growth chart to get a good estimation!

puppy corgias set grass

Do Corgis Have Tails At Birth? 3 Reasons For Tail Docking

Some Corgis have tails while the others do not for a number of different reasons. Find out what these are right here.

Corgi sits next to the food bowl

Corgi Feeding Chart: The 4.1.1. On Eating Right

The feeding chart will give you a good idea of how much to feed your Corgi based on its age, as well as what food to give him.

adorable corgi sitting outdoor

What Were Corgis Bred For? The Answer Might Surprise You

If you are considering what were Corgis bred for, this is the article for you! Read this article and find more about this dog breed!

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