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Construction Workers See A Mysterious Shadow Beneath The Trap And Decide To Investigate

Construction Workers See A Mysterious Shadow Beneath The Trap And Decide To Investigate

On a cold winter day, construction workers were finishing their job on the new construction of Bushland High School, in Bushland, Texas. It would have been just another ordinary working day for them if they hadn’t noticed slight rustling under a nearby tarp at one point.

When they got a little closer, they saw the animal’s distinct shadow beneath that same tarp. At first, they didn’t want to do anything because they didn’t know what kind of animal it was or how to react in such a situation.

However, since the temperature had almost reached 20 degrees Fahrenheit, they couldn’t just leave it there to freeze. That’s why they decided to call people from the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for help. 

They were at “the scene of the crime” in no time. 

Saved From The Cold

Wild West Wildlife executive director, Stephanie Brady, and her assistant, came to the school in Bushland, Texas. 

As soon as these two experienced rescuers took a closer look through the tarp, they realized what wild animal was hiding underneath. It was a gray fox that, probably fleeing from the cold, found refuge in that very place.

They immediately prepared a catchpole, net, and welding gloves, considering that this rescue mission would not be easy at all.

“I was thinking it was going to be a foot chase,” Brady told The Dodo. “I knew I had one chance to grab him.”

However, thanks to the tarp that made this whole “action” easier, Brady and her colleague ultimately had a simple task. She managed to grab him on her side of the tarp and drove him straight into the net that was waiting for him on the other side.

In no time, the fox was in her arms, finally safe and sound.

Back To His Real Home

Like any other wild animal, this fox was by no means comfortable to see so many people around him, and he didn’t enjoy being hugged so much by an unknown human.

That’s why Brady and her colleague quickly took him to the premises of the rescue center to do what was necessary. 

“We brought him into care to treat for fleas, deworm, and keep warm,” it was stated in the Facebook post. “It is always best to send them out healthier, than how they came in.”

After the treatment, he somewhat enjoyed his temporary warm home as well as the treats they gave him. However, it could be seen in his eyes that he couldn’t wait to get back to where he belonged.

Finally, after a few days, the temperatures returned to normal, and everything was ready for his comeback to the wild. They took him close to the place where they found him, and this gray fox happily “flew away” to freedom

Given that they have provided him with everything he needs, Brady is confident that he has a bright future ahead of him.

“He has a wonderful prognosis,” she said.