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This Cocker Spaniel Has The Most Amazing Talent That Will Surprise You

This Cocker Spaniel Has The Most Amazing Talent That Will Surprise You

Dogs can sometimes be hilarious creatures that can bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

Today, there are many platforms and social networks, so their funny situations and reactions can no longer remain hidden from the public eye. A video on TikTok that shows one Cocker Spaniel doing a trick with her big ears is the best proof of this.

Those who are less familiar with this dog breed could certainly conclude that it is pure magic, but soon, you will be able to judge for yourself.

Viral “Flicky Ears”

When her owner, Lin, met her for the first time, rescue dog, JoJo, didn’t show any special talent. Like any other happy pup, she loved to play, eat, and most importantly, cuddle with her favorite people.

But, Lin quickly noticed one specific action that this dog would perform from time to time.

Namely, when one of the housemates would praise her, those long ears of hers would flip up.

cocker spaniel dog
Source: Tiktok

It was a scene that Lin found so cute that she decided to record it and post the short video on her TikTok profile, with the caption: “JoJo has amazing ears! She’s so sweet”.

“How’s the fluffy ears going?”, a human voice can be heard from the background of the video, to which JoJo curls up her ears in a hilarious way. 

The next question her human asks her is, “Are you a lovely girl?”, making her ears perk up again in the cutest way possible.

It is a scene that caused numerous positive reactions. Some, however, couldn’t believe it, like one TikTok user who asked: “How does that work?!”

Lin answered him with just one word: “😂 Magic”. 

Most of the other commentators didn’t question much, but just described how delighted they were about this video, with one user commenting: “That’s incredible!!! I’ve never seen that in a dog with floppy ears!”

Another user even had a name for this action, claiming that his dog has the same ability, writing: “Our cocker spaniel does the same! We call it flicky ears.”

All in all, it is a video that attracted the attention of more than 100k people, and when you watch it, you understand why. 

Just A Typical Cocker

Although Lin jokes with curious commentators that this is simply magic, the truth is a bit different. 

Namely, the cocker spaniel, one of the favorite family dog breeds, is known for its distinctive floppy ears, which are actually their trademark. Here, their genetics play the most important role, enabling these dogs to move their ears independently. 

Those large ears, which give them the ability to hear better, have developed over their early years when they were intended for hunting. Thanks to this, they accidentally got a special talent, because of which, they can literally play with their ears.

However, despite all these facts, this does not diminish JoJo’s capability to raise her ears at the exact moment when someone compliments her. 

It is a talent that makes her truly unique.