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Coast Guard Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes When They Realized What Was In One Of Their Containers

Coast Guard Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes When They Realized What Was In One Of Their Containers

Thanks to giant-hearted people who spare no time and resources, thousands of animals in need are being saved.

This time, it was the U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston who put their humane side on display! The team was conducting their regular inspections at the Port of Houston, Texas, when they heard a strange noise coming from one of the containers.

They immediately rushed into action to identify the sound and found what happened to be one of the most incredible discoveries!

An Unexpected Discovery

Officer Ryan McMahon and his team heard noise that seemed like barking and scratching coming from one of the containers stacked about 25 feet in the air

The team happened to be at the right place at the right time, as the terminal had more than 10,000 containers at the moment. After using the crane to bring the container to the ground, an unexpected creature popped out from the inside.

It was a tiny, scared dog that somehow ended up within this metal enclosure. 

“Earlier today, a team of marine inspectors from U.S. Coast Guard Sector Houston-Galveston saved a life in a way that was unexpected,” U.S. Coast Guard Heartland wrote in a Facebook post.

“They heard barking and scratching coming from one of the containers in a stack. When they lowered the container and opened the door, a dog popped out,” the team wrote.

The canine seemed extremely happy and not at all scared when she finally got out of the dark. She rushed to her saviors and melted in their arms as if she was trying to thank them for this heroic mission.

According to the officials, the poor dog was trapped inside the container with junked cars for over a week with no food or water. Even though it’s still vague how she ended up here, the Coast Guard assumes she was in one of the cars.

It was a true miracle that she was spotted after this long, as she’d probably not have made it if she had stayed there only a few days longer.

Connie The Container Dog

Connie the Container Dog, as she was later named, was immediately taken to the local animal shelter, from where she was transferred to Forever Changed Animal Rescue

Despite her initial happiness, Connie was extremely emaciated and weighed only 30 pounds. Once she arrived at the shelter, she was immediately subjected to several tests. Unfortunately, she tested heartworm positive.

“Connie is a bit under weight and currently weighs 30lbs. She is incredibly sweet but very shy and scared of her new surroundings as to be expected. She is heartworm positive and we will be getting her started on treatment ASAP,” FCAR wrote on Facebook.

The team will make sure to give Connie good treatment and help her get back on her paws as soon as possible. 

Thanks to the joint forces of giant-hearted people, she now has a second chance at life. And, when the time comes, there’s no doubt that Connie the Container dog will go to a nice home.