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This Clingy Dog From Oregon Always Knows How To Succeed In Getting His Mom’s Attention

This Clingy Dog From Oregon Always Knows How To Succeed In Getting His Mom’s Attention

How do you respond to your dog being the clingiest one in your family?

Well, Kevin, the Bernese Mountain Dog, and his mom, Dionna, will let you know the pawfect secret – just let it be!

This adorable Berner has a variety of strategies to get his mom’s attention, and even though he’s naturally needy, it never gets boring.

This is their story!

The Pawfect Strategy

Dionna Hickox and her husband, Justin, from Portland, Oregon, brought Kevin into their family years ago, and it has been nothing but super fun ever since! 

He always pursued every single opportunity to spice up his momma’s activities, such as her home workouts. Whenever she switches into training mode, he’s there to “help her” have as much fun as possible!

“When he was a puppy, it would just start with him tugging on my hair or on my ponytail. Or jumping on my back when I’m trying to do a push-up,” Dionna told The Dodo.

But, over time, Kevin came up with one particular strategy to draw his mom’s attention – he steals her beanie

“He’s like: -Okay, if I take his, she’s gonna chase me,” says Dionna.

Taking off Dionna’s beanie from her head is Kevin’s ultimate way to get her attention, and he knows that once he does that – the playtime is on!

The two start chasing each other, running around the house, or wrestling, but it all eventually ends up with a super cute cuddle session.

Dionna and Justin love every single thing about Kevin. And, the fact that he’s so needy makes him even more adorable!

Clingy Is Not That Bad At All

Other than his ultra smart beanie-stealing tactics, Kevin has other ways to set himself in the center of attention

During dinner, he simply approaches the table and gently puts his head on it, or in his pawrents’ lap. 

“Even when it’s not my beanie, when we’re eating dinner, he puts his head lovingly on our arm or on our lap. And if we don’t respond to that, then he has no problem just batting our arm a few times,” says Dionna.

Together with their other dog, Benny, Kevin makes sure that his family is always engaged in various activities, and it is safe to say that he rules the house

He just loves being loved and cuddled, and Dionna and Justin enjoy including him in every sphere of their lives. Kevin takes long walks with his parents, goes on fabulous road trips, enjoys comfy naps in his Oregon home, travels a lot, and visits all kinds of places!

“He definitely rules our life, and we love that! At least 10 times a day, I look him in the face, and I’m like: -Thank you for loving me,” says Dionna.

Kevin loves his life, and he definitely loves his family a lot! With so many things going on on a daily basis, we can say with certainty that he’s one active, happy Berner!