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Young GSD’s Mind Is So Sharp That He’s Already Untrickable

Young GSD’s Mind Is So Sharp That He’s Already Untrickable

German Shepherds aren’t just well known for their stamina and their incredible work ethic, but a cunning mind that isn’t easy to fool.

Their mental capability is superb which makes them such excellent guard dogs.

The video from TikTokker SmittenTheGSD shows how Smitten, a GSD pup that’s barely 3 months old puts his own mind to good use.

Only The Highest Levels Of Focus For This Pupper

adorable gsd puppy
Source: TikTok

Smitten is fully focused on his owner, not taking his eyes off him as he awaits his release command “free” so he can get back up.

Meanwhile, his owner is testing the doggo’s response rate to try and trick him with various similar-sounding words.

Words like friends and frog are used, but the most he can make him veer off his excellent resolve is getting him to flinch momentarily and sink his cute little head ever so slightly, going up and down like an adorable bobblehead.

smitten chilling with a leash
Source: TikTok

It isn’t until the very end where the dog’s owner finally says the word “free” that Smitten bolts up and hops on over to his owner, all happy that he did good.

A Good Example Of Proper Training

If you ever doubted whether training had any merit or whether GSDs were worth the trouble, this whole video should be enough to dispel said doubts.

German Sheppies like Smitten work best when they’re trained through positive reinforcement like the owner does here.

And, in particular, when they’re stimulated both physically and mentally through games like these.

Hopefully it inspires you to teach your own puppo some new tricks too.

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