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Chow chow

Don’t let the fluffiness of this breed fool you – This is a dignified dog that isn’t too fond of strangers and their unwanted attention. Here’s what you need to know about them!

chow chow dog on the bench

Do Chow Chows Shed? Grooming Advice For Chow Chow Owners

Discover all about Chow Chow shedding with our helpful guide to grooming and care for the Chow Chow’s high-maintenance coat.

two chow chow dogs standing

Male Vs Female Chow Chow: Who Will Win This Battle?

Choosing between genders isn't much of an enigma. Both dogs are excellent! Here's how you'll know which Chow is the one for you.

chow chow walking outdoors

210 Popular Chow Chow Names For An Adorable Lion Pup

Planning to get a Chow Chow as your new pet? Check out this list of popular names and choose the best one for your dog!

A chow chow lying on a stone in the woods

How Much Does A Chow Chow Cost? Puppy Price And Expenses

How much does a certain breed cost is a question that worries most aspiring dog owners. What is the true price of these dogs?

red dog chow chow dog outdoors

Chow Chow Colors: A Guide To Rare Colors Of Chow Chow Dogs

What are some colors that you can commonly find in Chow Chows, and which ones are more rare? Let's explore!

Chow Chow looking up

Chow Chow Weight Chart: How Big Will My Chow Chow Puppy Get?

Does your Chow Chow have a healthy weight range? Do you have cause for concern? Check out this weight chart to learn more!

white mini chow chow

Mini Chow Chow — The Miniature Teddy Bear Dog

This is the cutest miniature dog you will ever see! Learn more about its size, appearance, and personality in this article.

chow chow eating a banana

Chow Chow Puppy Feeding Chart: How Much Should He Be Fed?

A Chow Chow puppy feeding chart serves as a great tool for the breed’s eating habits. Find out what it looks like right here.

Chow Chow sitting on grass

Chow Chow Growth Chart: How Big Does This Breed Get?

A Chow Chow growth chart is a great indicator of how big your dog’s gonna get over time. Find out what it looks like right here.

Merle Chow Chow

Merle Chow Chow: As Sweet As Oreos, Or…?

Merle Chow Chows aren't dogs you'll see in conformation shows. They're extremely frowned upon, and there's a good reason behind it.

Blue Chow Chow

Blue Chow Chow: More Than Just A Black Tongue Teddy Bear

Wondering what makes the blue Chow Chow so special? Read our article that focuses on the most important traits of this dog breed.

beautiful chow chow dog in the grass relaxing

15 Intriguing Fun Facts About Chow Chow Dogs

Chow Chows are best known for their very dense, fluffy coat, but this breed has many more interesting characteristics that might spark your interest!