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This Chihuahua’s Interesting Habit Will Make Your Day

This Chihuahua’s Interesting Habit Will Make Your Day

There are many stereotypes about senior dogs that make them overlooked as family pets. Some simply see them as a burden while others avoid adopting them, as they are “too fragile” to endure any sort of activity.

But, who’s to say that senior canines can’t be fun?

Ladies and gents, meet Louise, the ultimate senior Chihuahua from California that will make you roll in the aisles! Here’s why!

The Mystery Behind Her Funny Habit

The giant-hearted couple who provides homes to senior Chihuahuas rescued Louise from being put down at a shelter. 

The general idea was to give Louise several wonderful golden years in a new home, as they previously did with Lola and Betty, their other two Chis adopted from California shelters.

They, however, didn’t expect Louise to be such a goofy girl when she first entered their house. Even though she’s the master of relaxation and laziness, Louise still manages to entertain everyone with her quirks

Her most popular move of all is climbing stairs backwards!

Her owners set a couple of stairs in the living room and in the TV room to help their dogs climb the couches. Since all three of them are in their senior years, their mobility is quite low, and this is the convenient way to stimulate their movement.

At first, Sean and his partner thought Louise was climbing the stairs backwards due to her bad knees on her back legs, but then – they came to the shocking realization!

Unlike the ones in the living room, Louise climbed the stairs in the TV room regularly – straightforward! Apparently, something about the living room stairs makes her act the way she does and nobody knows why!

“There are some theories out there. She does have bad knees on her back legs and perhaps it’s a little bit easier to go up those stairs backwards because of that. But that would require her to go up every set of stairs backwards,” Sean says.

Sleeping And Cuddling Are Louise’s Favorite Things

Louise’s odd stair climbing is a part of her personality, and her owners love it!

“It’s adorable and I hope she never changes,” Sean says.

However, her absolute favorite things in the world seem to be sleeping and cuddling. Louise is not a very active dog, and she just loves to take naps in cozy places. But, most of all, she loves to sleep next to her sister, Lola!

Okay, to be fair, Louise will sometimes go full doggo for two things – squirrels and food. She loves chasing squirrels in the yard and tracking down the food her owners accidentally leave out.

She resembles a furry vacuum cleaner with her impeccable talent for finding even the tiniest crumbs of food on the floor.  

Louise loves everything about her little life, and the fact that she has found happiness next to her fellow Chis is the most wonderful thing ever. 

You Will Be Missed, Louise

In November 2023, Louise sadly crossed the rainbow bridge. For the last couple of months, she experienced a series of seizures and her condition soon deteriorated. She was restless and uncoordinated, and slowly started to lose herself.

Her owners subjected her to anti-seizure medications, and for some time, she felt so much better, but then the inevitable happened. Her owners were so devastated to lose her, and for the first time in forever, their home was dogless.

Earlier in 2023, they lost Betty and Lola, who also faced a series of health issues and lost their life battle. 

“We are still in shock and are devastated, and trying to process this unimaginable traumatic year we’ve had to endure,” they wrote on Instagram.

Still, they are grateful for the opportunity to make the lives of these little angels better, at least for a second. 
Despite their not-so-glamorous past, one thing’s for sure – Louise, Betty, and Lola spent their golden years surrounded by the people who loved them so much!