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Sweet Chihuahua Who Has Separation Anxiety Can’t Help But Cry Anytime His Parents Leave Without Him

Sweet Chihuahua Who Has Separation Anxiety Can’t Help But Cry Anytime His Parents Leave Without Him

Separation anxiety in animals is a big problem. For most dogs, it feels like their whole world comes crashing down when they are left by their parents.

They have no way of knowing that they will return, and this will cause great distress in them, even if it’s only for a short period of time.

A lot of pet owners try to mitigate this by getting another pup, but it doesn’t always work. For some, the anxiety is just too strong.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who had such a strong separation fear and what he did to help his family.

Jesse’s Story

When Jesse was first saved by rescuers, he was all by himself in a foreclosed house in Nevada. 

He had likely stayed there for a week without seeing anyone, and it was just heartbreaking.

I just can’t imagine how any human being can abandon a dog so cruelly and leave him to starve. When a broker came, he was found locked in a cat box.

Because of this immense trauma, Jesse developed severe separation anxiety and didn’t like being away from people for too long out of fear of being abandoned again.

Soon after, Howard and his wife adopted Jesse and gave him a new chance in a wonderful home in Nevada. They knew it was going to take time for him to adapt, so they were patient.

While it didn’t change much for him at first, he was always happy to be with his new parents who loved him so much.

Howard told GeoBeats Animals: “You could see it in his eyes, how hurt he was and how much attention and love he wanted.

Even when they are gone for 20 minutes, he will cry for most of the time. However, when they come back, he still does it, but only because he’s happy to see his favorite people.

Jesse Is A Blessing

Going out has been a bit uncomfortable for the family because Jesse had such a strong fear so Howard and his wife would always find someone to look out for him if both of them are gone.

Jesse would mostly stay in one corner because he did not know what to do. Even though he did not dislike other people, he felt unsafe without his parents.

One thing Howard noticed is that the dog learned that “mom” is coming home whenever he would say the word.

This sent Jesse into a frenzy, and he would immediately run to the entrance and start screaming out of joy.

Surprisingly, though, the family learned that he was 12 years old, which was a bit surprising because he was still so playful.

Howard said: “I have a history of bad health. I don’t have a colon, and I don’t have a thyroid anymore. And he is my guardian angel, Jesse. 

The two would go on walks often, and Jesse would make sure that Howard was also very active. That’s what made their bond so special.

Even though this dog has probably suffered so much in his life, he will never have to worry about anything anymore, thanks to his wonderful family.

I am so happy to see that Jesse got a new chance to live his life and it’s beautiful to see how much he has changed for the better.