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23 Top Chihuahua Breeders In Texas: Best Of Tex

23 Top Chihuahua Breeders In Texas: Best Of Tex

Looking for reputable Chihuahua breeders in Texas? Well, look no further because we have arranged a comprehensive list of the best of the best breeders in the state of Texas. This list has even been put into alphabetical order for easier navigation. But, first things first. Let something be said about this fierce doggo.

Chihuahua here, Chihuahua there, everybody wants it everywhere. Does this ring a bell? Well, probably, YES! These are the verses from a popular song by DJ Bobo, and he is not so far away from the truth.

Since 1904, when the American Kennel Club registered these small dogs for the first time, their popularity has been expanding. The Chihuahua breed was so popular in one period of the early 2000’s that you could see them literally everywhere. The song was written about Chihuahuas; girls were crazy about them, and they even got the main role in a movie sequence – the Chihuahua ended up on a court in the movie, Legally Blonde 2.

Can you resist these precious little things? We admit that we cannot.

But, let’s get back to business. Say, Yo! because I am now going to help you find the right breeder for you. Check these out!

Chihuahua Puppies For Sale In Texas

What can bring you joy? I think the answer to this one is easy – a Chihuahua! Originally from Mexico, Chihuahuas are temperamental, fierce, and spicy just like the Mexican culture and mindset.

Having a southern character, these dogs are perfect for a Texan’s way of life. With their hot temperament, Chihuahua dogs are easily adaptable to hot Texan weather. These dogs are alert with a saucy expression and a lot of attitude.

With this in mind, wait no more. Get busy and scroll down our list to find a breeder that suits you the most. We have included the important traits of every breeder, as well as their contact information and price range. We’re sure you will find useful information and make your choice out of these Texas Chihuahua breeders.

1. AKC Texas Diva Chihuahuas

You won’t find a website if you Google this breeder, but you will find a very informative Facebook page.

This is one of the most popular Chihuahua breeders in Texas, which is no wonder. They have a limited number of litters in a year because they are directed toward achieving quality.

Their breeding program is a base for raising high-standard dogs with great health, temperament, and looks.

Prices are affordable – they start at $700 and go up to $1200.

AKC Texas Diva Chihuahuas Breeder Details:

Address: Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Phone number: +1 817-503-0008

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: AKC Texas Diva Chihuahuas

2. Anastasia’s Tiny Pupps

Anastasia’s AKC Chihuahuas, Designer Hairless Chihuahuas, and German Shepherd dogs grow up in a home environment, and they are used to kids and other animals.

Special attention is given to the developing temperament of these dogs.

Their Chihuahuas are of all kinds, with a long or a smooth coat, and come in all colors.

Their dogs have all their registration documents as well as lifetime support from the breeder.

Prices for these Chihuahuas start at $1800. Prices are defined by the pedigree of the dog. Also, smaller puppies, along with imported and champion bloodlines cost more; the same as those that are fully registered.

Anastasia’s Tiny Pupps Breeder Details:

Address: Beaumont, Texas, United States

Phone number: +1 409-234-8314

Website: Anastasia’s Tiny Pupps

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Anastasia’s Tiny Pupps

Instagram: Anastasia’s Tiny Pupps

3. BonBon Chihuahuas

BonBon Chihuahuas deserve their name. Their breeders say that these Chihuahua pups are a delight. They are not nervous or angry, and they like kids, which is unusual for this dog breed – you will agree.

These dogs are raised at home, and they are box trained, which is perfect for owners with limited space.

They come from champion-bloodline Chihuahuas, and they have a health guarantee for vaccinations and dewormings.
They are raised indoors but are also supplied with outside time.

“Puppy Matchmakers” is what these breeders like to call themselves because they pay special attention to finding the perfect puppy and owner match.

BonBon Chihuahuas Breeder Details:

Address: Alvin, TX, US 77511

Phone number: +1 713-899-8208

Website: BonBon Chihuahuas

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: BonBon Chihuahuas

4. Babypups Teacup Puppies

Babypups is one of the specialized Chihuahua breeders in Texas. They offer lovely tiny teacup puppies. They are so adorable that you just cannot resist them.

Babypups offers pickup if you are situated near them. Otherwise, they will ship a puppy to any part of the USA or Canada.

All dogs are microchipped and vaccinated. Their prices range from $2000 to over $6000 for the rarest baby pups.

Babypups Teacup Puppies Breeder Details:

Address: 16601 Blanco Road, Suite 110, San Antonio, TX, United States, Texas

Phone number: +1 888-743-0325

Website: Babypups Teacup Puppies

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Baby Pups LLC

Instagram: Boutique Teacup Puppies

Twitter: Boutique Teacup Puppies

Pinterest: BabyPups Teacup Puppies

YouTube: BabyPups

5. Chihuahua Paws

Chihuahua Paws sells teacup and hairless Chihuahuas. If you want to know how many hairless dog breeds there are and what they are called, read our list of 10 hairless dogs!

These breeders are directed towards raising healthy puppies with short noses, unique patterns, and a nicely shaped head and body.

The price depends on the individual features of each dog. All dogs are socialized, and each one comes with a health guarantee for a variety of possible health problems.

They do not ship their dogs.

Chihuahua Paws Breeder Details:

Address: Central Texas

Phone number: 512 964 8811

Website: Chihuahuas Paws

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Chihuahua Paws

6. Chihuahuas of Texas

Located 30 miles northeast of Texas, these breeders have a five-year tradition in raising Chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas of Texas offers applehead Chihuahuas, deer Chihuahuas, and Chipit (or Pithuahuas) in all colors, with long and short hair.

Chihuahuas of Texas are reliable breeders who raise high-quality Chihuahuas.

Chihuahuas of Texas Breeder Details:

Address: 29611 E Irvin Rd, Huffman, TX 77336, US

Phone number: 832-871-1973

Website: Chihuahuas of Texas

Email: [email protected]

7. Chihuahuas Wee Love

Chihuahuas Wee Love has long-coat Chihuahua breeding in focus. Their dogs’ genetic background is thoroughly controlled, so the owner has a health guarantee of the purchased dog. This means that all dogs are purebred so the risks of ailments is at the minimum.

The price for these dogs starts at $1500 and goes up to $3500. This cost depends on the pedigree, the size, their parental background, the sex, and other quality traits.

If you cannot pick up a dog yourself, there is the possibility of shipping within the USA. This will cost you $425 more, along with a request for a trip to the airport.

Every dog is shipped with a health guarantee, a veterinarian certificate, a worming schedule, registration, and a starter package containing a bed, toys, and food.

Chihuahuas Wee Love Breeder Details:

Address: Lavon, Texas

Phone number: 972-853-0930

Website: Chihuahuas-Wee-Love

Email: [email protected]

8. Crystal Sky Puppies

Crystal Sky Puppies is a unique kennel and horse farm all in one. Being a tradition for over 20 years, they raise Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Chihuahuas, Aussies, and Aussiedoodles. They are also AKC registered.

The combination of raising dogs and horses came out of the idea of sustainable living. This means taking care of animals within the community, and at the same time, building awareness, appreciation, and respect for both flora and fauna.

It is their love for paws and hooves that make these breeders put in more effort and love.

Crystal Sky Puppies Breeder Details:

Address: 158 Private Road 2481, Hico, TX 76457

Phone number: +1 (817) 304-1225

Website: Crystal Sky Puppies

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Crystal Sky Puppies

9. Fairy Tail Puppies LLC

Fairy Tail Puppies are another one of the reputable Chihuahua breeders in Texas that offer almost magical dogs. Their puppies are stunning. They have a health guarantee, and are up to date with all their shots and deworming. The puppies are socialized, and they have excellent conformation. However, these breeders do not do mixed breeds.

They have been raising dogs in their family since 2001, and the pups are used to children since there are four daughters that the dogs can play with.

A fair and honest approach is something these breeders preach. According to this statement, they do not deal with brokers.

Fairy Tail Puppies LLC Breeder Details:

Address: Mission, TX 78574

Phone number: 9566078688

Website: Fairy Tail Puppies LLC

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Fairytailpuppies LLC

Instagram: Fairytailpuppies LLC

Twitter: Fairytailpuppies LLC

Pinterest: Fairytailpuppies LLC

10. Dazzle Chihuahuas

Dazzle Chihuahuas has placed themselves among the best AKC-registered Chihuahua breeders in Texas. They are located in the northern part of the country, just outside of Dallas and Fort Worth. Their website is in the form of a blog, and it is in Spanish.

Their Facebook page is in English, and you can ask them anything you want to know. The owners are responsive, and you will get your answer within hours.

The Chihuahuas they sell are of all kinds of colors and coats. They are very socialized little fellas since they are raised in a home environment.

I would not have any concerns about the well-being of your chosen dog since Dazzle Chihuahuas provides a health guarantee.

Dazzle Chihuahuas Breeder Details:

Address: Aubrey, Texas, USA

Phone number: +1 940-206-0281

Website: Dazzle Chihuahuas

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Dazzle Chihuahuas

11. Heart Of Texas Chihuahuas

Heart Of Texas Chihuahuas tells a heartwarming story about a family and their love of dogs. Their Chihuahuas are raised in their home environment. In this home, Chihuahuas are family members.

They are located between Austin and Dallas, 13 miles west of I-35 in the Salado area.

With a health guarantee, all of their shot records, and care instructions, these well-socialized dogs will easily adapt to their new home when picked up. However, Heart Of Texas does not offer shipping.

Heart Of Texas Chihuahuas Breeder Details:

Address: Dallas, Texas

Phone number: 512-853-1803

Website: Heart Of Texas Chihuahuas

Email: [email protected]

12. Hill Country Chihuahuas

Hill Country has a very informative website with all the relevant information, and it is regularly updated. They offer these small watchdogs in all colors and coat types. Producing Chihuahuas with a long and smooth coat is their specialty. Their dogs are socialized and used to people.

Their breeding tradition goes back to 2004, and it is a family affair.

Their dogs are AKC-registered, and they come from champion bloodlines.

Hill Country Chihuahuas Breeder Details:

Address: PO Box 12157, Austin, TX, 78711-2157

Phone number: 1-800-803-9208/512-463-6599

Website: Hill Country Chihuahuas

Email: [email protected]

13. Houston Chihuahua Puppies

Everything you want to know about Houston Chihuahua Puppies is on a very active Facebook page.

The owners publish all relevant information, and even more adorable content. They also answer phone calls. All in all, they are very responsive to the public, and they keep their news updated.

Their dogs have been raised in a loving atmosphere since 1999. They have full-blooded purebred dogs that are AKC registered.

The prices of these dogs range from $800 to $1500.

Houston Chihuahua Puppies Breeder Details:

Address: Alvin, TX, United States, 77511

Phone number: +1 713-586-9699

Facebook: Houston Chihuahua Puppies

14. Loucan Chihuahuas, Texas

Loucan Chihuahuas are hobby dog breeders based in Conroe, North Houston, in Texas. They have a breeding tradition of over 20 years, with 12 years of exhibiting. Their Chihuahuas are AKC members, which places these enthusiasts among reputable breeders.

These breeders say for themselves that they are not experts, but this should not be a problem because they have plenty of experience and love for what they do.

Breeding Chihuahuas is not an ad hoc business for them. It is carefully planned according to their program.

The price for one of their Chihuahuas varies, and it can go up to $2000.

Loucan Chihuahuas breeds long- and short-haired Chihuahuas.

Loucan Chihuahuas Breeder Details:

Address: North of Houston, Texas

Phone number: 915-329-9397

Website: Loucan Chihuahuas

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Loucan’s Chihuahuas Texas

15. Petland Dallas

Petland Dallas is a family business, and they work with licensed breeders. Their store offers all kinds of purebred dogs. Among them, they also sell Chihuahuas.

Special attention is given to finding the right match between puppy and owner. As Pet Counselors, the store offers periodic training and consultation to customers. Education is among the priorities on their list in order to enhance the quality of dog care.

Petland Dallas Breeder Details:

Address: 11909 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX, US 75230

Phone number: +1 972-386-7387

Website: Petland Dallas

Facebook: Petland Dallas

16. Precious Paws of Texas

Located in the Houston Bay area, in southeast Texas, Precious Paws has a personal approach to breeding. They do it as a hobby with dedication and commitment.

The name says it all. They breed the most precious new little family members for good homes. We’re sure you’d love to purchase one of these little cuties as a new companion.

All their dogs grow up in a family environment, playing with children.

What we liked about this breeder is that they have a responsible approach. They have had the tradition of breeding since 2006, but they are not going big. With only one to two litters a year, Precious Paws aims for quality over quantity.

Precious Paws of Texas Breeder Details:

Address: 15207 Park Estates Ln, Houston, TX 77062, United States

Phone number: +1 832-888-1895

Website: Precious Paws of Texas

Facebook: Precious Paws Of Texas

17. Red Hawk Ranch Chihuahuas

This is one of the Chihuahua breeders in Texas that has a long tradition. They have been in business for over 15 years, and they do it as a hobby. This means there is a lot of love and commitment involved.

These breeders prefer face-to-face meetings because they would like to get to know you.

If you want to check out this place, make sure you make an appointment. Also, if you decide to purchase a dog from this breeder, you will have to come and pick up your dog. There is no option of shipping.

Red Hawk Ranch Chihuahuas Breeder Details:

Address: Dale, TX 78616, USA

Phone number: (512)-764-2220

Website: Red Hawk Ranch Chihuahuas

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Red Hawk Ranch Chihuahuas

Instagram: Red Hawk Ranch Chihuahuas

18. Texas Calpulli Chihuahuas

This is another one among the Chihuahua breeders in Texas without an active website, but with a regularly updated Facebook page. They keep their information fresh, and they are very responsive to questions and interest. You can also contact them over the phone.

These breeders raise Chihuahuas with long and smooth coats. Their dogs are also AKC registered.

Texas Calpulli Chihuahuas Breeder Details:

Address: San Antonio, Texas

Phone number: +1 210-409-9824

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Texas Calpulli Chihuahuas

19. Texas-chihuahua

Besides Chihuahuas, Texas-chihuahuas offers Brussels Griffons, English Mastiffs, Great Pyredanes, and Shih Tzus.

Their website is regularly updated with information about available dogs.

Texas-chihuahuas Breeder Details:

Address: West Columbia, TX, US 77486

Phone number: +1 979-236-3693

Website: Texas-chihuahuas

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Texas-Chihuahuas

20. Texas Long Coats

Texas Long Coats, as the name suggests, only raise long-coat Chihuahuas. There are no other coat types of Chihuahuas at this place.

Their dogs are trained in a home environment. There is no outside space for playing – only a playroom. All dogs come with a health guarantee, puppy shots, and are dewormed.

Texas Long Coats Breeder Details:

Address: County Rd 3315, Hubbard, TX 76648, US

Phone number: 254 533 2517

Website: Texas long coats

Email: [email protected]

21. Tiny Jewel Pups

If you are looking for a small dog sale in Texas, then contact Tiny Jewel Pups.

With a lot of experience in breeding dogs, they raise Chihuahuas, designer breeds, and Havanese.

These jewel puppies are in good hands. They are raised in their family, so the kids are also involved in breeding their furry friends.

There are two families that are also into this way of life, so support and mutual growth is guaranteed.

If you’d like to get in touch with this breeder, you can contact them via their website or call them on the phone.

Tiny Jewel Pups Breeder Details:

Address: 3000 Sage Rd, Houston, Texas 77056

Phone number: 832-628-7620

Website: Tiny Jewel Pups

Facebook: Tiny Jewel Pups

22. Triple J Kennels

At Triple J Kennels, one can find tiny Chihuahuas with a breeding tradition of eight years. Even though Pecan Creek Triple J Kennel is better known for Toy Aussies, grandmother Sandra is an expert with this Mexican puppy.

Under the name Freckles and Friends Tiny Chihuahuas, Granny Sandra raises well-socialized puppies that are good with people, including kids and other dogs and pets.

All of their dogs have a health guarantee, along with shots and deworming. And, if you choose this breeder, you will get your puppy along with his baby pictures, his baby blanket, his toys, and care advice. Best of all – you will get lifetime support from this breeder.

The price range of these puppies goes from $1000 up to $1800.

Triple J Kennels Breeder Details:

Address: Waco, Texas, United States

Phone number: (254) 716-6879

Website: Triple J Kennels

Email: [email protected]

23. Water-Hill Kennel, Texas

Water-Hill Kennel, Texas is proud of the title of being the oldest Chihuahua kennel in the USA, according to the American Kennel Club.
Their breeding tradition started back in 1963, and they only breed females.

Water-Hill quality Chihuahuas come in all colors.

All dogs are free – they do not live in cages, but use the ranch areas for their activity needs.

Water-Hill Kennel Texas Breeder Details:

Address: 1340 Vz County Road 2502 Canton, TX, US 75103

Phone number: +1 903-848-8201

Website: Water-Hill Kennel

Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Water-Hill Kennel

To Wrap It Up

We hope you have found some useful information about Chihuahua breeders in Texas on this list. If you are in search of a breeder, then you are probably looking for a dog that is not many months old. So, this is twice as cute of an adventure for you.

We have tried to collect information on all the reputable breeders in the state of Texas. This means that those breeders have good recommendations and updated and informative websites. There were a few more breeders, like Tejas T Little Cutie Chihuahuas, but we did not include those without updated sites.

All in all, it was a fun ride, and we hope it will be fun for you to search as well. In our opinion,one cannot make a mistake with purchasing one of these small dogs with a heart as big as Texas. They are just cuteness overload in small packages.

Still not sure about a Chihuahua? Well, let us reassure you with a familiar line – Life can be so easy (with a Chihuahua). Take it and you win!

Wishing you the best of luck!

Oh, Chihuahua…