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The Cavapoo is an adorable hybrid dog whose parent breeds are the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Poodle. Being so smart, sweet, and playful, this mixed dog inherited the best traits from both of its parents.

Cute Cavapoo puppy dog sitting

7 Reasons Why The F1B Cavapoo Should Be Your Fur-ever Friend

Here is a special dog with a special power to melt your heart. Find out here why this should be your favorite Doodle of them all!

golden Cavapoo lying on grass

Do Cavapoos Shed? Here’s All You Need To Know About Their Coats!

If you're looking for an answer to this question, you've come to the right place to learn all about these pups and their fluffy coats.

cute little Cavapoochon, Cavachon and Cavapoo dogs

Cavapoochon Vs. Cavachon Vs. Cavapoo – All You Need To Know

What is a Cavapoochon, and how is it different from Cavachons and Cavapoos? If mixed breeds interest you, you’re in the right spot.

brown cavapoo dog sitting on the grass with a red toy

Cavapoo Cost: Is This Doodle Worth The Price Tag?

The price for Cavapoo dogs is very high these days because these dogs are quite in demand. Why wouldn’t they be? Cavapoos are simply adorable!

Cavapoo dog in the park

150+ Cute Cavapoo Names For Your Cavalier Poodle Mix (With Science!)

What are the best Cavapoo names for your new puppy? Here is a list of 150 of the best names and the science behind them!

brown cavapoo dog sitting in the park

Cavapoo Growth Chart: A Complete Guide To The Cavapoo Dog Size

This chart presents a guide that helps owners estimate their dog's size. Find out how big your new Cavapoo pup will get!

white cavapoo

Cavapoo Colors: 11 Coat Colors You’ll Fall For

Different color patterns are what make this designer dog so adorable. Let's see the coat color combinations these pups usually sport.

8 Best Cavapoo Haircuts For Your Dog + The Grooming Tips

We have listed 8 haircut ideas and few Cavapoo grooming tips for best results.

grown cavapoo dog

Cavapoo Feeding Chart: A Complete Guide For A Healthy Pup

Are you having a dilemma about which way to feed your cute Cavapoo puppy? Check out this Cavapoo feeding chart to resolve your confusion.

Cavapoo dog resting in the sun

Are Cavapoos Hypoallergenic? – To Sneeze Or Not To Sneeze?

Find the honest and scientific answer to the question Are Cavapoos hypoallergenic, and learn more about the Doodle breed called Cavapoo!

cute Cavapoo sitting on grass

Toy Cavapoo: The Sweetest Of All Poodle Mixes

Toy Cavapoo dogs are amiable and sweet. They’re one of the prettiest-looking Doodles of them all. A true sight for sore eyes!

mini cavapoo

Reasons Why You Must Own A Mini Cavapoo

Mini Cavapoo is a toy breed perfect for families and children. Find out everything you need to know about the Cavapoo puppies in the following text!

dry dog food

Best Dog Food For Cavapoo: 11 Meals This Crossbreed Will Love!

Find some good options for your puppy to have a healthy and nutritious diet!

9 Best Brushes For A Cavapoo For Grooming Like A Pro

Your long-time search for the best brush for your Cavapoo has finally ended. Here are nine top picks that every Cavapoo owner must have!

dog shampoos

11 Best Shampoos For A Cavapoo: Pawsome Choices You’ll Love

Find your favorite among these shampoo that will keep your pup’s coat clean and healthy!

cavapoo chewing a treat

7 Healthiest And Best Treats For Cavapoo Puppies

The best treats for Cavapoo puppies are ones that are nutritious and healthy. Find the best and healthiest options right here.