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Cat Person Falls In Love With A Sweet Shelter Dog And The Surprises Keep Coming

Cat Person Falls In Love With A Sweet Shelter Dog And The Surprises Keep Coming

When Erica and her partner decided to foster a dog, little did they know that she would end up surprising them in many ways. 

Both of them were cat people, and they have fostered many cats and kittens for years. They never thought that a sweet canine would end up stealing their hearts and changing their lives forever. 

The HIT Living Foundation, a rescue group based in Los Angeles, California, called them and asked if they could foster an injured dog. She was in a high-risk shelter and it was necessary to find her a foster home in order to save her life.

Welcoming Snoop To Their Life

The couple immediately accepted and welcomed the pup, called Snoop, into their home. She was about a year and a half old. 

Snoop was found on the side of the road. They felt sad when they saw the chain marks around her neck. They believed that she was chained up.

The adorable canine was terrified of people. Her parents didn’t know her backstory, but they assumed that her experience with humans was negative.

Erica and her partner began working with her in order to fix that behavior, which was very challenging. Snoop hadn’t received any training before.

Watching Her Transform Into A Happy Pup

Her left paw was immobile and she refused to walk, so they took her to a specialist vet. After examining her, the vet told them that the nerves in her paw were injured due to a serious trauma.

She started rehab, and little by little, she began recovering. The couple fell in love with the adorable pup and they adopted her. They knew that she belonged in their home. 

Erica and her partner showered Snoop with the love that she badly needed. She felt safe and loved for the first time in her life. Her parents’ love gave her the strength to overcome her fears. 

Both Erica and her partner were happy to see Snoop transform into a joyful and energetic pup who loved people.

After Snoop came out of her shell, her parents started uncovering pieces of her personality.

Erica believes that Snoop can understand her when she tells her something. She is extremely intelligent. Her family says that this is one of the most surprising things about Snoop.

“We still foster cats a lot and sometimes they’re little kittens and you’ll kind of lose them around the house. And I could tell Snoop, go find the foster kitten. If I’m concerned about where one’s at, she’ll go and find the cat for me,” said Erica.

The doggo is very affectionate toward everyone. She helps her mom take care of their foster kittens and she often covers them with kisses. 

Snoop adores her parents and she loves snuggling with them. She is always there to comfort her mom whenever she has a bad day.

“She has made both of our lives much happier and much more fulfilled. Adopting her is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Snoop and her family still live in Los Angeles. Her parents recently welcomed a baby girl into their family, and Snoop was overjoyed to lick her human sister’s face. There is no doubt that the two of them will be best friends.

We’re thrilled that Snoop got the perfect forever home and a loving family who helped her become a happy dog who enjoys life.