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Feline Fellow Believes The Puppies Are His Babies And Strives To Be The Best Parent

Feline Fellow Believes The Puppies Are His Babies And Strives To Be The Best Parent

Remember the famous cartoon, Tom and Jerry, and the dog character, Spike, who was always in conflict with Tom, the cat? Well, these all-favorite cartoon animals perfectly reflect the popular opinion that cats and dogs are sworn enemies and can’t cohabit harmoniously.

Although this is true to a lesser extent, the real truth is somewhat different. These two types of animals not only can live in peace next to each other, but they can sometimes create a strong bond of love. 

A 12-year-old cat named Alex is a living testimony to that, as his favorite thing to do is care for canine babies. Chantel McLeod, a dog breeder from Stafford, Virginia, who owns the cat and the puppies, shared the video of Alex and “his” babies in an embrace on TikTok. 

If you haven’t already, it’s a must-watch video that has already touched many hearts around the world.

“Born To Be A Baby Lover”

Chantel McLeod is a dog breeder located in Stafford, Virginia. At the moment of recording the video, she has a litter of Yorkie puppies that belong to a dog named Dazzle. 

However, the one who really takes on the parental role is actually the cat, Alex, who experiences his happiest moments when he is with “his” babies. 

“He purrs so loudly in his happiest moments, and some of those moments are when he’s with the babies. He just loves them so much and can’t get enough of the puppies,” McLeod said in an interview for Newsweek

She also said that Alex’s adoration for the doggies started years ago and that she, herself, was a little nervous at first. But, when she saw how joyful Alex becomes when the puppies are in his arms, she changed her heart.

Although she already knew that Alex loves dogs, one day, when she walked into the room and saw him and her three Yorkshire Terrier puppies hugging in a little bed, McLeod’s heart melted.

It was a scene that she simply had to immortalize, and she ultimately decided to post the video on her TikTok profile. 

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“He was born to be a baby lover,” McLeod happily concluded. 

“Uncle Alex” Took The Internet By Storm

When McLeod posted the video on her TikTok, she titled it “Uncle Alex, the nanny cat”. Right away, her followers were more than delighted. 

Soon, the clip of Alex, after he was “caught kidnapping puppies”, captured millions of hearts online. The video has been viewed more than five million times and gained almost a million likes in a matter of days. 

McLeod knew that the video would seek some attention because the scene is so cute and eye-catching, but she was more than surprised by the amount of souls caught by the scene. 

“We had no idea that a simple video of Alex doing what he loves most would be loved by so many people,” McLeod said. 

The comments were almost 100% positive, and some of them we had to single out. 

“Alex teaching all of us the meaning of unconditional love.” one user wrote. 

“We need 100 more of these videos please” another one added.

And, the third quipped: “You mean to tell me you got an entire page of puppies and you’re just now telling us about uncle Alex????”

And, it is really hard to explain how McLeod managed to hide Alex all this time from the public eye. However, it seems that in the end, she made a great move by saving a special moment to introduce Alex to a wider audience.

Alex, on the other hand, made the best effort to use this opportunity and show the world how love knows no boundaries, even though we alone often create them in our hearts.