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After Many Failed Adoptions, The 115-Pound Dog Finally Finds The Perfect Home

After Many Failed Adoptions, The 115-Pound Dog Finally Finds The Perfect Home

Sometimes, it takes more than one shot to find your lucky star. And, during those times – all you need is patience!

That’s exactly what our following protagonist, Captain, would say if he could speak! 

This giant mush trapped in the body of a 115-pound Great Pyrenees had a very rough start in life, but he never actually gave up hope.

Being the sweetest boi ever, Captain had many adopters, but the problem was that neither of them took him in for good. Just when he thought that he had found the perfect home, this Californian boi would be returned to the shelter. And then, it would all start again!

His life was pretty much a vicious circle until, one day, everything changed for the better!

Captain Never Gave Up

The people of Woods Humane Society, from San Luis Obispo, California, did an amazing job of taking care of Captain. 

According to Catherine, one of the volunteers, he was misunderstood his whole life. He’s basically a lovebug trapped in the body of a giant dog, but he just never had that chance to exhibit his true self.

Being a big dog, Captain had a rough time being locked up in a kennel. And yet, he has never been aggressive. All he ever needed this entire time was a family and a big yard.

“I’m going to bond really tight with my humans and want to protect my home. I love to go on short walks, but my favorite thing to do is hang outside with my fam. I know my forever family is out there and I sure can’t wait to meet you,” the WHS crew wrote on Facebook.

During his stay at WHS, Captain had several adopters. Unfortunately, some of them withdrew their applications at the very first meeting. And, some of them brought Captain back to the shelter after only a few short weeks in a new home.

Still, he has never, ever lost his sparkle and just the most beautiful smile. Captain was patient, as if he was quite sure that the right family awaits right around the corner. And, boi was he right!

Settling Into A Furever Home

Bruce and Brigitte, a couple from California, fell in love with Captain as soon as they learned of his story on social media. They felt so sorry for this big boi who changed many homes, and they couldn’t wait to meet him.

Bruce was absolutely sure that Captain was the right dog for his family, but there was just a little test that he had to do prior to adoption – he had to see how his other doggo, tiny Guinnie, would react to Captain.

And then – it happened! Bruce, Brigitte, and Guinnie visited Captain at the shelter, and had their hearts melted! Captain was extremely gentle with his new sibling, and he was just over the moon to meet his new pawrents. There was no doubt that he had found his perfect family ! 

Bruce was very emotional once he realized that Captain finally got the chance to go into a suitable home. 

“Congratulations, Captain! You hit the lotto. You are adopted. You have a home. I’m trying to say that without choking up,” says Bruce.

“He’s found a home and he’s not going anywhere,” says Brigitte.

His first house tour was amazing! You could just feel his enthusiasm and happiness while he was exploring his new living space, and the family was so glad that he liked it. 

And, the good thing was – Bruce and Brigitte have several acres of property, so this big boi can run freely without boundaries and finally feel free!

Today, Captain and Guinnie have the time of their lives together with their family, and they just couldn’t be happier. It seems that all of his previous experience was just preparation for the life that he has now – and it was definitely worth it!