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French Bulldog Found In A Dumpster Had To Be Rushed To The Hospital Due To His Condition

French Bulldog Found In A Dumpster Had To Be Rushed To The Hospital Due To His Condition

Even though most people see dogs as the kindest, sweetest creatures on the planet, there are still some people who, unfortunately, don’t agree.

Rescuers were reminded of this when they found a French Bulldog barely alive inside of a dumpster.

Rescue Mission

The poor pup was found behind a Mexican restaurant in Allen Park, Michigan.

The staff reported that they heard some whimpering coming from the dumpster as they were taking the trash out, so they decided to investigate.

They were soon met with a horrific scene… a pup who was extremely malnourished, covered in bruises, and was struggling to breathe.

They immediately called Pound Pals Downriver (PPD), a non-profit rescue organization who swiftly made their way over.

As soon as they saw the condition this pup was in, they rushed him to the Southgate Animal Hospital, in Michigan, where he was placed in a hyperbaric chamber that helped him with his breathing.

When the dog was examined, it was determined that he was most likely a product of neglect who was abandoned by someone who was unable to care for his medical needs.

Road To Recovery

The strong pup, later named Queso, did not give up so easily. When he saw that all of the hospital staff were rooting for him, he knew he couldn’t let them down.

Finally, after they ran all the medical tests, they got the precise diagnosis.

The staff determined that he was struggling with a disorder called megaesophagus, which is considered a combination disorder. The esophagus (the tube that carries food to the stomach) dilates and loses motility.

“This is likely what caused him to be so underweight, and what caused the aspirate pneumonia that was making it so difficult for him to breathe. He had apparently been suffering for some time before being left in the dumpster,” said Tom Abraham, director of Pound Pals Downriver.

Luckily, Queso is making a lot of progress on his road to recovery, which the PPD team gives constant updates on. But, he still has a long way to go.

He is spending a lot of time in the hyperbaric chamber and fighting pneumonia, but he has been eating regularly and regaining his weight and strength.

Even though many already reached out to PPD asking to adopt Queso, due to his fragile condition, he is in no shape to leave the hospital.

The risk of complications due to malnutrition or aspirate pneumonia are quite high for dogs with this condition. We would be looking for someone with experience with special needs dogs, preferably with experience with French bulldogs and prepared for potential complications.

Final Word

While Queso still has some recovering to do, I am sure that he will be back on his paws in no time, feeling better than ever.

And, as soon as he does, he will find a warm forever home that will finally give him the love and adoration he truly deserves.

Good luck, Queso!