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Tinny Bulldog Who Went Through A Lot Meets Santa Asking To Finally Live The Life He Deserves

Tinny Bulldog Who Went Through A Lot Meets Santa Asking To Finally Live The Life He Deserves

There are many instances, unfortunately, where one person can not see the beauty and potential of a dog while another sees them as the most precious being in the whole wide world.

The doggo of today’s story suffered this exact fate, as he was surrendered by a breeder to a local shelter due to some medical issues.

Luckily, there are incredible people in the world who looked past these issues and saw this pup for somebody he truly is – an adorable pupper who deserves everything good life can give him.

Unique Pup

Grape is a tiny rescue Bulldog who, after being surrendered to a local shelter, was taken by Roadogs Rescue, a non-profit organization based in South California that specializes in rehabbing and rescuing medical Bulldogs and puppies with birth defects.

Hearing about Grape’s story and medical history, Roadog’s Rescue took him in with no hesitation.

“You name it, Grape’s probably got it. [B]ut Roadogs Rescue believes dogs like Grape deserve a chance, too. You can’t just throw an animal away because it needs extra care. He brings people so much joy — he is just a wonderful little guy,” Grape’s foster mom, Cailee Betrus, told The Dodo.

But, all of these medical issues do not put this strong and happy pup down. Even though he looks a bit different and can not grow big like regular dogs, Grape still leads the best life ever.

“Grape has a HUGE personality. We joke that he is a toddler wrapped in fur. His favorite thing is human attention and he wants to be held and loved on 24/7. He is goofy and loves to be dressed up,” she said.

Knowing that he deserves the best forever home out there, Grape’s rescuers gave it their everything in order to provide one. Unfortunately, they had no luck.

Meeting Santa

But then, Cailee came up with the brilliant idea to take him to meet Santa, hoping that this would bring some attention to the adorable pup.

“I saw the mall was doing a pet day with Santa and knew Grape needed to go. He loves riding in his stroller dressed up and meeting people. I knew he would make so many people smile,” she said.

@roadogsrescue Roadogs.Org to read about Grape and Apply! ❄️🎄❤️ Idealy we want a home where is the one and only dog. Grape gets depressed and jealous in a home with multiple dogs. He IS dog friendly though! He has lots of friends and can socalize, just doesnt like it 24/7. He is a toddler wrapped in fur! #foryou #fyp #saved #bulldogsoftiktok #englishbulldog #viral #christmasmiracle ♬ Elf – Main Theme – Geek Music

As soon as he arrived at Santa’s South California workshop, Grape couldn’t contain his excitement.

Not only did he meet the legendary Santa Claus, but also Mrs. Claus and every other hooman who also came to this place filled with happiness and magic. Cailee also took this opportunity to attach a sign to his stroller, letting everybody know that he was looking for a home.

Grape had the best time meeting everybody and reminding them that appearances do not matter… it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

“People are always shocked when they see a dog like Grape in person. It’s obvious he has some congenital issues because he’s kind of wonky and is really small for his breed. They are always curious and ask questions, and it gives us the opportunity to talk about rescue and adoption. Once people interact with him and see how gentle and sweet he is — he steals hearts. One girl working at Santa’s workshop even cried meeting him — his sign and face broke her heart,” she stated.

Fingers Crossed

Grape is in search of a home and a family in which he can be the one and only dog, and the center of attention. He also would love somebody who spends most of the time inside of the house and takes him along in his stroller as much as they can.

It would also be preferable that his new hooman has some Bulldog experience, as this would allow them to better understand his needs and preferences. But, overall, he just wants to be a part of a warm and loving family that will treat him like the perfect boy that he is.

“Essentially, Grape wants to be the apple of your eye,” Cailee concluded.

If you or somebody you know fits into all of the stated characteristics, please contact Roadogs Rescue for more information on this adorable boy.