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Bulldog Couldn’t Trust Humans At All But Then He Met His Kind Rescuers

Bulldog Couldn’t Trust Humans At All But Then He Met His Kind Rescuers

There are many stereotypes in the canine world that most often stem from ignorance. Unfortunately, this can often lead to some sad situations that can affect any dog. 

However, some breeds feel it the most on their skin. Along with Pit Bulls, one of them is certainly the Bulldog – a breed that many people consider dangerous, so these dogs often cannot find their place under the sun. 

This was exactly the burden borne by one abandoned Bulldog who was so broken that he lost all faith in humans. Fortunately, these good souls who found him in such a condition were determined to make him fall in love with people again.

He Decided To Trust Them

bulldog laying down
Source: Facebook

Jenny Rojas is a big dog lover who has spent a huge part of her life helping man’s best friend.

It was the same one day when she found an abandoned Bulldog named Rocky

This three-year-old dog was completely broken – both outside and in his heart. He was malnourished and his skin was in a very bad condition from numerous infections. Unfortunately, that was not the worst thing that happened to Rocky in this difficult situation. 

Namely, Rocky lost faith in people so much that he didn’t even want to look at his rescuers, even though it was obvious that they wanted to help him. But, Jenny and her team did not want to give up on him. 

After a few tries, Jenny managed to put a collar around his neck and somehow coax him into coming with them. Although he was still scared and listless, he finally agreed and followed her.

The first stop of his new life was the vet.

Happier Than Ever

happy bulldog
Source: Facebook

When Rocky came to the Dogsano Veterinary Clinic, they found out that this poor Bulldog was suffering from dermatitis, along with other minor health problems. 

Although these problems were not at all harmless, they were curable. That’s why the doctors immediately prescribed him several medications, which he had to take every day from that moment on until he fully recovered.

bulldog with vet
Source: Facebook

The only problem was the vet bills, which did not show small numbers at all. However, Jenny took care of this and managed to collect enough money from big-hearted people through the Facebook post. 

After a few weeks of strict recovery, Rocky became unrecognizable. With the help of various therapies as well as the love he was surrounded by, his condition improved every day and he was finally able to show his true colors

Rocky was happier than ever, and most importantly, he trusted people again. 

His Place Under The Sun

happy bulldog laying down
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Under the cloak of a depressed and sick dog finally emerged a handsome boy who was just waiting for someone to recognize his true value. Those were the most beautiful moments in this Bulldog’s life, but the best was yet to come.

One family was so moved by his story that they immediately decided to make him their member. As soon as he arrived at his new home, Rocky became the king of the house and brought immense happiness and joy to his new favorite people. 

woman, girl and dog
Source: Facebook

His life had finally become a blessing, and his past seemed like some nightmare from which he had just woken up. 

From an unwanted Bulldog whose heart was broken into a million pieces, this wonderful pup grew into a beautiful boy who had never believed in love so much before.