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17 Dogs That Will Make You Wonder If They’re Really Dogs Or Teddy Bears

17 Dogs That Will Make You Wonder If They’re Really Dogs Or Teddy Bears

What do you get when you mix cute puppies and Teddy bears? An incredible amount of cuteness a human’s heart can’t handle. 

I can’t guarantee your heart will be whole by the end of this article. I know mine bursted out in pieces because these Teddy bear pups were the embodiment of pawfection!

1. A Cuddly Poodle Bear

Small? Check! Cuddly? Check! Shaped like a Teddy bear? Check!

Cuddly Poodle Bear is sitting on the floor and looking at the camera
Source: @roan_anne

2. That Blep, Tho

A chunky Teddy bear with a little blep. Oh, wait… that’s a Chow Chow puppy!

3. I Thought Pandas Can’t Be Pets

What is that smol panda cub doing inside the house? Wow, that’s a Cockapoo! For a moment, I thought someone was having exotic pets. 

4. Such A Poser

Nothing to see here. Just a Shih Tzu Teddy bear that loves taking photoshoots.

5. And, From The North Pole…

… we have a fluffy little polar bear. How cute!

6. Limited Edition

This Aussie Teddy bear with special markings is a part of a limited edition series that must not be missed.

7. Grizzly Bear Cub

We’ll take a moment to appreciate how cute this grizzly bear cub is, and then run because mommy is definitely near.

Grizzly Bear Cub
Source: @mk_ank

8. The Chubbiest Cub

It’s fluffy, chubby, squishy, and we love it! Too bad Newfoundland pups grow up so quickly.

9. The Bears Go Marching One By One, Hurrah, Hurrah

Walking tall, knowing he’s the cutest of all Teddy bear pups.

a cute dog runs in the field
Source: @dogcanine1

10. The Magnificent Floof

There’s no floof fluffier than this Samoyed pup.

11. A Sleepy Teddy Bear

Hush little Teddy, don’t you cry…

A Sleepy Teddy Bear
Source: @amoakita

12. Boop The Snoot

Admit it: you can’t resist booping the snoot!

13. Teddy Is Melting…

… because he’s as sweet as a chocolate cake on a hot summer day!

Teddy Is Melting
Source: @sharpeiclubs

14. Girly Teddy Bear

So pawdorable with the bow and everything!

Girly Teddy Bear
Source: @yomi_0601__

15. It’s So Fluffy I’m Gonna Scream!

Can’t. Handle. This. Cuteness.

16. So, Teddy Bears Can Walk?

Didn’t know toys did that, hmm…

a cute teddy bear walks on the grass
Source: @howbullz

17. A Teensy Tiny Teddy

His cuteness scale just exploded.

A Teensy Tiny Teddy
Source: @pom.maru106