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Breeder Wanted His Blind Puppy Euthanized At The Clinic But The Vets Refused To Do It

Breeder Wanted His Blind Puppy Euthanized At The Clinic But The Vets Refused To Do It

Bing Bong was a newborn puppy who was brought to the vet when he was only three weeks old by a breeder who wanted him to be euthanized.

Unfortunately, according to the breeder, when Bing Bong was born, his mother attacked him, leaving him with head trauma and an open wound because she knew that there was something not quite right with him.

After conducting some tests, the vet found out that the puppy was completely blind.

Knowing that it could only survive in the hands of a loving hooman, one of the vets contacted a rescuer who they knew would give this sweet puppy the care and love he needed.

A Helping Hand

puppy eats from hand
Source: Youtube

As soon as the rescuer heard Bing Bong’s story, they immediately made their way to the clinic to pick up this adorable baby.

Because he was so small, Bing Bong needed to be bottle-fed and cared for at every moment.

But, Bing Bong’s determination and strength showed the rescuer that he was willing to fight through it all and that, with a little love and patience, he would grow up big and strong in no time.

little blind puppy
Source: Youtube

The rescuer’s family as well as their two other dogs, fell in love with Bing Bong as soon as they met him. They made sure that he had everything he needed and so much more.

Living in such a caring and welcoming environment, days passed in the blink of an eye, and this adorable baby grew up to be the sweetest, most caring boy ever.

blind dog on the grass
Source: Youtube

Bing Bong is now all grown up, and his family couldn’t be happier!

He spends every single day loving the fact that he is alive and healthy. His favorite pastime activities include playing with the hose and running outside in the sunshine as well as cuddling up with his doggo sibling for a nap. 

blind dog with his friends
Source: Youtube

Puppies And Blindness

It truly makes my heart warm when I hear such incredible stories. A big thank you to the vets who refused to euthanize this sweet boy, offering him a second chance at life and providing him with the best family ever.

But, it is important to know that blindness in newborn puppies is quite frequent.  

Blindness present from birth, or congenital blindness, can occur in animals just as it can occur in hoomans.

Dogs can be born completely blind due to genetic factors or even developmental issues during pregnancy.

There are certain breeds that are more predisposed to this condition due to inherited conditions or genetic mutations. Such breeds include Collies, Shetland Shepherds, Australian Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Dachshunds, Miniature Schnauzers, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

However, in some cases, external factors during pregnancies, such as infections or toxins, can also lead to congenital blindness in puppies.

Whatever the cause may be, it is important to remember that blind puppies are puppies, too. They are just as cute, sweet, and playful as others and should be treated equally.

They might need a little bit more patience and attention, but their ability to adapt and thrive should never be underestimated!