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This Adorable 125-Pound Rescue Dog Still Thinks He’s A Small Pup

This Adorable 125-Pound Rescue Dog Still Thinks He’s A Small Pup

Seeing your dog grow up so rapidly is probably the best testament to how fast time passes by. One day, he’s just a small pupper learning how to “dog”, and the very next one, he’s a fully-grown canine!

Eliana, a woman from Orlando, Florida, witnessed this swift change with her own dog, Brandon. This rescue pup was saved at just a few weeks of age, but as time went on, he grew up to be a 125-pound giant!

There’s one problem, though! Even though he’s a massive dog today, Brandon still doesn’t realize how big he is – and he still wants to be carried around in momma’s arms!

Brandon’s Journey To A Loving Home

ginger girl with her dog
Source: @dallamac

Before he got to his Florida home, Brandon was a pup nobody wanted. Eliana found him on a farm in really bad shape. He had an owner, but Brandon was very neglected. His fur was dirty and he was missing a part of his tail. 

“His fur was full of dirt and fleas, his belly was full but not from food, I have never seen so many intestinal parasites before, he was hungry and his tail is shorter because he was attacked and lost a part of it,” Eliana wrote on Instagram.

His new mom rescued him in a heartbeat and brought him to her home where he eventually healed and grew up into a healthy, giant doggo.

He Refuses To “Grow Up”

Today, Brandon is a 125-pound canine who doesn’t realize that he’s not a puppy anymore. He literally still wants to be held in Eliana’s arms – all the time! 

“Brandon doesn’t know how big he is,” says Eliana.

He also loves to jump from one spot on the couch to another, hide under the desk, and sit in mom’s lap. And, even though all of these things seem impossible to do now due to his size, he still somehow manages to do all of them!

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Source: @elianamachin

When Eliana first brought him home, never in her wildest dreams could she imagine that Brandon would be such a colossal dog. She expected him to grow up to the size of her two Golden Retrievers, but he turned out to be so much bigger.

“He grew to be an extremely large dog. I was expecting for him to be the size of my Goldens,” Eliana told The Dodo.

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Source: @dallamac

Brandon is very clingy and he loves to be by his mom’s side at all times. He literally never lets her out of his sight! Sometimes, Eliana needs to come up with creative ways to entertain Brandon in order to do some work.

He’s just so attached to his owner, and he doesn’t know any different. But, despite his clingy nature, Eliana wouldn’t change a thing about him. 

Happy white dog
Source: @elianamachin

Brandon is everyone’s sweetheart, and he entertains the entire family! He’s the pack leader and the one who takes initiative, even when no one feels like doing anything. He’s always on the move and ready to go out and about!

Brandon has brought so much joy to his mom and his siblings. And, despite his giant size, one thing is for sure – he’ll always be momma’s small pupper!