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Boyfriend Surprised His Girlfriend By Fostering A Very Energetic Puppy

Boyfriend Surprised His Girlfriend By Fostering A Very Energetic Puppy

Deciding to adopt or foster a puppy is not a small decision. Many people will often make a choice based on the dog’s breed and how he behaves around people.

However, one factor that most just can’t predict is how energetic and playful they will be once you adopt them and take them into their new house.

In this story, we will talk about a man who decided to surprise his girlfriend by fostering a puppy who was really outgoing and energetic.

A Huge Surprise

puppy on the carpet
Source: YouTube

It was an ordinary day when a woman decided to come home from her vacation and discovered a new surprise waiting for her.

After she opened the door of her house, her face turned to that of a surprise as she saw a new puppy in her house.

Her boyfriend had decided to surprise her by fostering this sweet dog, named Spud, and she was so happy to see him.

While she was on vacation, the rescue organization from California, called The Animal Pad, found this puppy and the boyfriend just knew he had to take him in.

puppy enjoying
Source: YouTube

She didn’t have much experience in taking care of puppies, as they were usually very needy and small.

However, this one was very different. It looked like nobody could match Spud’s energy levels. He was always up for playing, and there was little anyone could do to stop him.

The couple also have a three-legged French Bulldog named Pea, who is now old and doesn’t really have much desire to do anything.

They liked to foster or adopt seniors or dogs with special needs, but they had never had a puppy in their house. 

Spud, in particular, had some trouble walking, but it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed so long as they took good care of him. And, so they did just that.

Spud Is A Very Energetic Puppy

happy dog on man's shoulder
Source: YouTube

Now that he has finally settled in, this couple decided to show him around by taking him to all sorts of fun places in California in a sling.

It’s safe to say that he loved every minute of it. After some time had passed, they noticed that Spud was now able to walk a lot better, and he took advantage of it all the time.

He would always run around the house and just wanted to play every minute of the day. One big change that the couple noticed was how Pea started playing with Spud almost regularly.

Despite their huge age difference, they became best friends in no time. The couple were happy to see that Pea’s attitude had become a lot more lively now that Spud was there.

dogs eating mini cake
Source: YouTube

However, when it came time to decide whether this sweet dog should be a foster fail or not, it was actually a very easy decision.

They just knew that he belonged with them. Everyone got along so well with Spud and his very outgoing personality was just what they all needed in the house.

After that decision was final, they decided to throw him a nice adoption party with a cake. Spud did not hesitate for a second and immediately grabbed a bite to eat.

It’s always beautiful to see how dogs influence our lives in such a positive way. For this family, one small puppy has changed everything, and they are so lucky to have him.