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Boy Noticed Something On A Cement Path So He Went To Investigate It

Boy Noticed Something On A Cement Path So He Went To Investigate It

A real estate agent’s job is to help people find a home and a comfortable place to live. Such is the daily work of a realtor from Sonoma County, California, named Jake Denniston.

However, this man, in addition to finding a place for people to live, is no less successful in finding a home for lost animals.

He proved exactly that one day when he and his son saw a tiny creature near a playground in Sebastopol. They immediately threw themselves into a rescue operation. 

It Was A Scared Baby

Jake’s son, Aonyx, noticed a tiny, fuzzy lump on a cement path near the playground they were visiting. 

“We couldn’t tell what it was until we got a bit closer,” Denniston told The Dodo.

They slowly approached him so as not to scare him, and realized that it was a baby possum. 

Their hearts melted at the sight of such a sweet being before them. However, they quickly came back to reality and realized that not everything was as ideal as it first seemed.

“After watching him a few minutes we decided he was pretty small to be alone so we called the local wildlife rescue,” Jake wrote in his post on Instagram

After they sent a picture of the possum to Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, they agreed that it was not safe for him to be there on his own, without his mother. 

Baby possums are very attached to their mothers and tend to stay with them for a long time. So, this wasn’t a normal state to be in for this baby. 

Jake and Aonyx immediately went to work. Because they didn’t have anything to transport him in, they found an empty bag and some abandoned clothing to give him some cushion. Denniston gently grabbed the baby possum and placed it in a clean bag. 

This little possum was finally heading to safety. 

Dad And Son Were The Heroes

In the bag, this little possum felt safe, and little by little, began to open his eyes. As they drove to Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue, Jake and his son kept looking at the little one and admiring him.

“I think he knew we meant him no harm,” Denniston said for The Dodo.

When they came to the rescue, the possum got the food and care that he desperately needed. Right after that, it was obvious that this little boy was going to be fine, and that he was sure to recover and go where he belonged… in the wild.

Although Aonyx was sad because he had to say “goodbye” to his little friend, at the same time, he was very proud of himself and his dad. They became heroes that day, and Aonyx found his new life calling as well. 

“Aonyx is now an official animal rescuer,” Jake wrote on his Instagram profile. “It was quite the adventure!”