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Athletic, combative, and brave, the Boxer is a stunning dog. At the same time, this dog has a good temperament, especially towards children in its family. Learn everything you didn’t know about this intelligent and curious dog.

boxer dog in the park

European Boxers – Are They Different Than American Boxers?

The European Boxer is different from the American Boxer you are used to seeing. Here is what makes them stand out from the rest!

boxer dog outside in nature

Male Vs Female Boxers: Which One Is The Best Pet For You?

Here is a comparison between male and female Boxer dogs to see which would make the best dog for your family.

Boxer dog near the sea

Boxer Colors: Finding The Cutest Of Them All

Boxer colors come in three varieties, but only two of them are recognized by the AKC. Find out which one is not: fawn, brindle, or white?

Boxer eating outside

Boxer Feeding Chart: All There Is To Know

Here is a great chart to help you keep track of your dog's feeding schedule. Feed your Boxer dog like a pro!

bower sitting outside

Boxer Growth Chart: How Big Can This Working Dog Get?

Wondering how large your favorite watchdog will get and when he'll stop growing? Learn this and more with our chart!

boxer dog with cropped ears

Boxer Ear Cropping: A Necessity Or Not? Let’s Discuss

Is it necessary or good for your dog or not? All you need to know so you can make a decision is just one click away.

brindle boxer dog on the beach

50 Boxer Mixes: Unique Boxer Cross Breeds You Didn’t Know Existed

Cross breeding Boxers with other dog breeds results in fun-loving, intelligent, and loyal family dogs. Meet these loving mixes!

boxer dog lying on the bed

Why Boxers Are The Worst Dogs — 8 Challenges Of Boxer Owners

Here are 8 reasons why Boxers are the worst dogs, with tips on how to deal with owning one. No breed is truly "the worst" but some are more challenging.

boxer dog sitting in green grass field

Are Boxers Banned In USA? Discussing Are These Dogs Eligible

Are Boxers banned in USA? Are these dogs actually dangerous and aggressive? Read this article and learn more on Boxer's temperament and behavior.