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Boston terrier

At the first glance, the only differentiating feature this dog breed has from other Terrier breeds are its unique markings. But is there more to these adorable and fierce pups?

A Woman with is Boston Terrier on the living room

Are Boston Terriers Hypoallergenic? Find The Truth Here!

Find out all you need to know about Boston Terriers, their shedding amount, and allergies, while getting helpful advice.

red boston terrier

The Red Boston Terrier – An Ultimate Guide About This Dog

The red Boston Terrier is just another color variation of the breed. Check out all the information about these adorable little dogs.

blue boston terrier standing

Blue Boston Terrier: An American Gentleman Ready To Charm You

This is a unique dog also known as the American Gentleman. Are you ready for this gentle dog to sweep you off your feet?

boston terrier

Male Vs Female Boston Terrier – Which One Should You Choose?

Which gender should you pick? While both make great family pets, some differences do exist. Let's learn which ones!

boston terrier dog

40+ Boston Terrier Mixes That Are The Cutest Pets Ever

What Boston Terrier crossbreeds are there? And, which one is the best for you? Here's our choice of 40+ mixes you should check out!

boston terrier standing on hay

Boston Terrier Growth Chart 101: All You Need To Know

This growth chart has all the information you need to follow your dog through its growth process from a pup to a full-grown dog.

boston terrier holding a ball in mouth

9 Boston Terrier Colors That You Will Adore (With Pictures)

Boston Terrier come in more shades and patterns than you can have imagined! Let’s see what a real American Gentleman looks like!

boston terrier dog lying beside bowl with dry food

Boston Terrier Feeding Chart: The Bostie’s Diet Info

Feeding charts serve as a terrific source on how much to feed your Bostie, as well as exactly what to give him.

Brown Boston Terrier running with a ball in his mouth

Brown Boston Terrier: Interesting Facts & Characteristics

These Terriers are small and athletic dogs up to 17 inches tall. They are usually characterized by a brown and white coat color combination.

Boston Terrier standing outside

Is The Teacup Boston Terrier The Right Dog Breed For You?

You have been wondering if The Teacup Boston Terrier is A Right Dog Breed For You? Luckily, you can find all your answers here!

boston terrier dog lying on the grass

The Boston Terrier Lifespan: 5 Top Things That Influence It

The Boston Terrier lifespan is pretty generous considering the many problems the breed has. Find out how to improve it right here.