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Border collie

These intelligent herding dogs are a perfect mix of a family pet and a working dog. Here’s everything you need to know about them!

Border Collies stands in the water

Do Border Collies Like Water? Swimming Benefits for Your Collie

Do these pups like water, or do they despise getting wet? If you want to go swimming with your pooch, here’s what you need to know!

blue merle border collie sitting on the grasses

Blue Merle Border Collie – What You Need To Know

Blue merle Border Collies are one of the most unique variations of this breed. Why do some people oppose the further breeding of these pups?

Two Adorable Black And White Border Collies

Male Vs. Female Border Collie: Can You Handle Them?

Are you wondering which gender should you pick? Check out this article and find out everything you need to know about these dogs.

black and white border collie jumping over the hurdle in the field

Are Border Collies Aggressive? How Do You Stop Their Aggressiveness?

Here is everything you need to know about a Border Collie’s aggressive behavior, and how to deal with it.

Attentive border collie dog lying down on the grass on a sunny day

Do Border Collies Shed? Grooming Advice For Collie Owners

All the information you need about Border Collie shedding and how to stop it from taking over your home.

headshot of a border collie barking in an autumn color background

Border Collie Barking: Why They Do It And How To Fix It

A comprehensive guide to Border Collie barking behavior with advice on how to solve this noisy problem!

Beautiful Border Collie puppy

Border Collie Colors: A Guide To All The Colors And Markings

Here you can find all the information about Border Collie colors - including official colors allowed under the AKC breed standards as well as all other colors and markings.

border collie holding a leaf

Border Collie Growth Chart – Everything You Need to Know

Wondering how big your Border Collie will get? Check out our growth chart that includes answers to all your questions.

border collie puppy running

43 Border Collie Mixes: Remarkable “Canine Einsteins”

Do you want a dog that is equally adorable and smart? These Border Collie crossbreed will steal your heart, so make sure to check them out.

happy Border Collie running on grass

Mini Border Collie — Everything You Need To Know

This is a downsized version of a standard Border Collie. Read more to learn why they are becoming so popular.

Tri Color Border Collie sitting on grass

Tri Color Border Collies And More: The Colors Of The Collie

Tri color Border Collies are among the rarest of a Collie’s color patterns. Find out what other colors they can have right here.

border collie ready to eat dog food

Border Collie Feeding Chart: A Healthy Feeding Habits Guide

Alongside the Border Collie growth chart, another essential chart that an owner should know is the Border Collie feeding chart. Check it out!

red Border Collie standing outside

Red Merle Border Collie: Meet The Rare Beauty

Red merle Border Collies are rare dogs with a unique-looking coat color combination you’re gonna love. Here’s the 441 on them!

border collie dog lying down outdoors

Why Is My Border Collie So Afraid Of People? Possible Causes

Dogs can be scared for various reasons, but if you learn what the cause is, you can help your Collie overcome it.