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Bonded Pair Of Dogs Stay By Each Other’s Side After Their Owners Abandon Them

Bonded Pair Of Dogs Stay By Each Other’s Side After Their Owners Abandon Them

When Suzette Hall, founder of a rescue organization in Irvine, California, by the name of Logan’s Legacy, picked up a call, she thought it would be information about a pup in need like every time before.

However, this time, it was different.

Determined Pups

two dogs sitting in the street
Source: Suzette Hall

Suzette found out about two small pups wandering around a neighborhood with a very concerning attitude and behavior.

It had seemed that the dogs were abandoned by their previous family, not wanting to move from their spot or be apart for even one second.

“They would literally follow each other up the street and then back to their spot. They never, ever, ever left each other’s side,” Suzette told The Dodo.

The neighbors tried their best to lure the pups, later named Pongo and Lilly, into their own homes, wanting to provide them shelter, but the pups simply refused to move an inch.

dog bed on the sidewalk
Source: Suzette Hall

In their final attempt to help these pups, the neighbors set up a bed for the pups, along with some food and water, and then they contacted every rescue they could, one of them being Logan’s Legacy.

Rescue Mission

Right away, Suzette realized that this would not be an easy rescue at all since she knew that two pups were much harder than catching one.

Luckily, she was not alone. Another rescuer named Chloe offered to help as well.

“I realized an amazing rescuer, Chloe, was asking for fosters for them. Thank goodness Chloe and I connected. There’s nothing better than rescuers working together to save lives,” she added. 

The incredible rescue teams joined forces and immediately made their way to the location.

dogs sleeping on the sidewalk
Source: Suzette Hall

They decided to set up a humane dog trap with some yummy treats, as they thought this would be the easiest way to capture them. And, they were right… Lilly and Pongo approached the trap as soon as they noticed them.

“Pongo went in so fast, but the tiny black one [was] so weary. But she stayed right by her friend,” stated Suzette.

Lily stayed by Pongo’s side. However, after some time, she decided to wander off into an adjacent yard.

The rescuers decided to get some baby gates and follow her paw steps.

When Lilly saw them approaching, she quickly bolted under a car, seeking shelter, leaving the rescuers with the perfect opportunity to surround her with baby gates, making sure she wouldn’t escape again.

As soon as they managed to capture her, they reconnected her with her best friend.

“It was so cute to see how bonded these two were. They were skinny, scared and sweet all at the same time,” she added. 

The adorable pups managed to find foster care right away who gave them much-needed baths and haircuts.

Final Word

Today, Lily and Pongo are thriving in their foster homes that provide them with everything they need and so much more.

They are still looking for their forever home as a package deal, and I believe being the pawdorable duo that they are, they will find one in no time!

But, their rescue wouldn’t be possible without the amazing efforts of the local rescue teams. Incredible teamwork done by incredible people.

Good job, guys!