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The Boerboel is a large and fierce dog that originates from South Africa. It was bred to be a hunter and guard dog, but its affectionate and playful nature makes it the perfect family dog. Nothing matters more to this gentle giant than its family!

grown boerboel dog

Boerboel Growth Chart: How Big Does The Mighty Boerboel Dog Get?

Find out how big your Boerboel puppy will get. Learn more about its healthy weight and height.


Boerboel Cost: Can You Afford This Giant Yet Loving Dog?

Check out this text and find out why this guard dog is actually priceless!

happy boerboel

Boerboel Feeding Chart: How Much Do These Dogs Eat?

Proper diet is one of the most important factors for your dog. Study this chart to know how much food your Boerboel needs!

two boerboel dogs with different colors

Boerboel Colors: All Editions Of This Large Guard Dog

Find out whether the coat color is an important factor for this dog breed.