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Bloodhounds are the world’s most successful scent dogs. They track their prey for hundreds of miles and are able to cover incredible distances on a single trail. Bloodhounds are not only smart and agile, but they are also very friendly and affectionate family dogs. 

Bloodhound sits by the pool

The Complete Guide To The Bloodhound Colors And Patterns

Find out all about Bloodhound colors and patterns in this article and discover whether this breed is a good fit for your family!


Top 8 Adorable Bloodhound Mixes: Choose Your Bloodhound Mixed Breed

A Bloodhound cross breed is a great option if you’re looking for a loyal friend!

bloodhound dog in the park

Bloodhound Growth Chart – Uncovering The Sleuth Hound Size

It’s the detailed Bloodhound growth chart for finding out the appropriate and average size of your male and female puppies from month to month!