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Blind Dog Labeled “Aggressive” Was Facing Euthanasia, But Then A Vet Intervened

Blind Dog Labeled “Aggressive” Was Facing Euthanasia, But Then A Vet Intervened

Dogs are just so incredibly precious and I can never understand the sentiment of people who adopt them only to surrender them to a shelter because of some small mistake they made.

What’s even worse is that some will request that the pup be euthanized, even when it doesn’t make any sense.

For this dog, his owners didn’t want him. He was labeled as ‘aggressive’ and they took him to a vet so he could be put down. However, the vet refused and decided to find a way to help.

Horace’s Story

The vet was determined to find a new home for Horace and was actually successful. However, the family that took him in didn’t like his behavior.

They said that he was aggressive to other dogs and that they had to surrender him. Because of his blindness, he likely just didn’t know how to get along with other dogs and was terrified of them.

The theory was that he had to fight for his food and it caused a lot of scars on his body. This also explains his fear of other canines.

However, everything would change for Horace in the next few days. After he was surrendered to a shelter again, a woman came and decided to give him a chance.

She had to finish a three-day trial just to see how he would fit in, and the two got along pretty well. This meant that he had found his perfect home.

It didn’t take long for Horace to get used to his new home. Even though he was blind, he developed a good way of navigating his surroundings.

He always felt safe in the arms of his new owner, who did her best to care for him. She also made sure that he was never around other dogs so it wouldn’t trigger him.

Horace’s New Friends

Surprisingly, though, Horace’s owner has snakes, Tim and Walter, and he gets along fine with them. They help him move around and are there for him.

Just as people can’t mention the word ‘treats’ around their pets, Horace is very sensitive about the word ‘grandma’ or ‘grandpa.’

They are his favorite people, and he just absolutely loves whenever they come to the house.

When his owner starts saying the word, he just bolts toward the doorway in anticipation. He even managed to learn the sound their car makes.

He is able to recognize which one of them is arriving based on the sound alone, and he is just really smart.

Not long after Horace was adopted, he was diagnosed with epilepsy, and his owner had to give him medications regularly to treat the symptoms.

Despite the fact that he has to endure so many hardships, he has his favorite person with him at all times.

His owner is one of the most amazing people and Horace just loves her so much. The two of them are really remarkable.