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Blind Dog Miraculously Survived Tragic Events, He’s Now Beating All The Odds In A New Home

Blind Dog Miraculously Survived Tragic Events, He’s Now Beating All The Odds In A New Home

When people meet Josey, they just can’t believe that she is a blind dog!

She never ceases to amaze everyone with her one-of-a-kind spirit and willpower. Thanks to her mom, Colleen, Josie overcame horrible events from the past that left forever scars on her.

In addition to being found on the street, this resilient girl endured another ordeal that will absolutely break your heart. 

This is her story!

Josie’s Backstory

Josie was found on the side of a road in Alabama, together with her furry buddy, Roger. Upon vet examination, it was discovered that Josie went through a major head trauma, which resulted in her vision loss.

The first assumption was that Josie was hit by a car, but the odd thing was – she didn’t have any other injuries. This mystery girl was nursed back to health by Alabama rescuers and then joined Brown Dog Coalition, in Massachusetts.

Then, came a heartbreak!

Josie was taken in by Colleen McCarthy, a veterinarian, as a foster dog. During her healing process, Colleen discovered the real cause of her blindness! Turns out, Josie was not hit by a car but shot in the face

According to BDC, pellets remained in her head, cheeks, and ears, but they currently do not require removal.

“After Josie joined her Massachusetts foster mom, @bugsybuttonbellisima, we learned that Josie had been shot in the face. Pellets remain in her head, cheeks, and ears, but as long as they aren’t bothering her, they won’t require removal,” the BDC team wrote on Instagram.

Beating All The Odds

Never in her wildest dreams could Collen have imagined how sweet of a dog Josie would become. She acclimated to her new Massachusetts home in a heartbeat, showing that she doesn’t need any special accommodation.

“Despite her tragic past, Josie has somehow preserved her sweet and silly innocence. Her presence touches the hearts of everyone she meets,” BDC wrote.

Instead, Josie started exhibiting her unbelievable spirit and brilliance! She acted as if she wasn’t blind at all, making people who met her for the first time actually believe that she could see.

She has an incredible sense of orientation. Within months, Josie learned where everything was, and even learned how to use communication buttons. 

Her very favorite is a dental chew button!

“She loves to use buttons to speak. She’ll press the dental chew button, that’s like her favorite,” Colleen told GeoBeats Animals.

If Colleen doesn’t immediately give her a dental stick after pressing the button, she’ll just become more insistent until she gets what she wants. 

The biggest irony of Josie’s life is that this doggo princess still has the cutest, most expressive eyes, yet she can’t see anything

Still, her inspiring character is what truly makes her thrive. She acts as if her past never happened and takes on life adventures as the most enthusiastic pup. 

The greatest news came a little after she was taken as a foster dog. Her mom, Colleen, decided to fail as a foster and keep Josie in the family forever. The two became so inseparable that it was just impossible to imagine life without her.

Momma’s Little Helper

Colleen fostered several other dogs since then – all with the help of her amazing girl! For some reason, foster pups are drawn to Josie, who welcomes them into her home with paws wide open.

“Josey’s been a very welcoming, big foster sister for other dogs with disabilities,” Colleen says.

One particular pup, Joey, stole her heart. He came in as a blind foster dog with whom Josie formed the sweetest bond. They kissed, snuggled next to each other, and even did zoomies in the yard with awareness of where the other one was and where the fence was.

When Joey left for his forever home, Josie and her mom were heartbroken for days, trying to fill the void of him being gone.

This brave girl is still going strong, making room in life for other special-needs dogs who need help. And, when she’s not doing good work, she just casually enjoys her life with her family.

She loves absolutely everyone – hoomans, dogs, and cats, and always tries to shower everyone with affection.

After all the tragedy she went through in her past, Josie decided not to look back. Instead, she seizes every opportunity to make her life great and filled with entertainment. So far, she’s doing it amazingly!