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This Adorable Chocolate Pomeranian Is Literally A Real-Life Teddy Bear

This Adorable Chocolate Pomeranian Is Literally A Real-Life Teddy Bear

As kids, we all wished to have a real-life Teddy bear, right? 

Well, Bertram, The Pomeranian, is as close as it can get. With his adorable little face, endearing personality, and fuzzy chocolate fur, Bertram truly looks more like a Teddy bear than a dog. 

Although his sheer adorableness has taken over the world, melting the hearts of thousands of people who have come across him or seen him on social media, little Bertie did not have an easy start to his life. 

He witnessed first-hand what it’s like to not be wanted and loved by those around you, but thankfully, someone was able to see all the love he had in him to offer, and well… the rest is history. 

Meet Bertram, The Pomeranian

Bertram, the Pomeranian (or Bertie Bert, as he is now known on Instagram) was surrendered to the shelter as a young pup because he was apparently “too big to sell” at only 5 months old. However, it didn’t take long for him to get adopted… I mean, just look at that face. 

New York artist, Kathy Grayson, saw this pup on Petfinder, originally listed as ‘Jasper’, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and immediately fell in love with him. She told Bored Panda, “I flew to Tulsa and drove to the town to pick him up, it was a wonderful adventure.”

Kathy, who owns an art gallery called The Hole, in New York and Los Angeles, soon began posting pictures of Bert on her Instagram. But, his cuteness was slowly taking over, with people wanting to see more of Bert rather than her art. 

So, she decided to make him a separate profile, chronicling their life together. Although many people were already in love with this Teddy bear dog, his profile absolutely went viral when Kathy dressed him in a Paddington Bear costume. 

The resemblance was simply uncanny. 

Bertram, The Traveler 

Bertie now lives a pretty interesting life, often traveling to big cities with Kathy. 

Since going viral and acquiring a large amount of followers online, Bertram, The Pomeranian, has even appeared on several international shows, such as Good Morning America and the Rachael Ray Show

His owner says that she is not surprised by his incredible social media success. Bertie is not only incredibly cute, but he also has a wonderful personality that makes people happy. 

“Bert is a wonderful guy and makes people happy, the internet and social media is built for cute animals, people need an antidote to all the nastiness,” Kathy told Bored Panda. 

Bertram, The ‘Art Connoisseur’

In his free time, Bertram also “works” as an art connoisseur in his mom’s gallery. He loves greeting people and showing them around the gallery, especially flaunting his art knowledge. 

“I love when people come to the gallery to see Bertie or when they bring their dogs to meet Bertie! The gallery is free and open to the public, so come on by and pet him,” Kathy said. 

Bertram, The Model

Hollywood, here he comes!

Bertram is so used to having his photos taken that he even knows how to pose like a true model. 

Bertram, The Cute Boi

When he is not working, Bertram, just like any other pup, enjoys going on walks, jumping in puddles, running around, playing fetch, snacking, and obviously sleeping.  

Who is cuter, the Teddy bear on the left or the Teddy bear on the right? 

“Bert is very calm and chill, inquisitive and silly,” Kathy said. 

Although his start was a bit rough, Bert is now enjoying his life to the fullest as a social media star, a loving pet, and being the cutest living ‘Teddy bear’ in existence. 

“I am bobo I fill your screen and your face, I fill your heart,” said Bert in one of his posts, so join him on his Instagram and enjoy all the adventures and cute photos he has to offer.