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The Bernese Mountain Dog can be described as a gentle giant. This dog is huge in size, but its temper is mostly characterized by patience, gentleness, and a protective attitude. These dogs have a special love for children. What this dog likes most is to be a part of every activity together with its human family.

The Mini Bernese Mountain Dog: Shrinking A Gentle Giant

Here is all about the personality and character of a gentle giant squeezed into a small, loveable package.

beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog standing outdoors

Male Vs. Female Bernese Mountain Dog: Which One Should You Get?

Which one to choose: the male or female? This is an important decision every aspiring dog owner must make. Here’s why!

bernese mountain dog in nature

Bernese Mountain Dog Cost: Puppy Prices, Care, And Expenses

Here is a practical guide to buying and caring for your puppy to help you organize your finances and budget wisely.

Large Bernese Mountain Dog lying on the grass in the park

Top 44 Cutest Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes Of All Time

Have you ever wondered what Bernese Mountain Dog mixes look like? Find out more about these unique crossbreeds in our article!

Bernese Mountain Dog

The 3 Bernese Mountain Dog Colors & Markings: An Extensive Guide

Bernese Mountain Dogs have a tri-colored coat. Learn more about the distinctive colors and markings of this dog breed.

bernese mountain dog lying on floor near bowl with food at home

Bernese Mountain Dog Feeding Chart: Berner’s Healthy Diet

Wondering what to feed your Berner pup? Take a look at our feeding chart and find out how to achieve a healthy diet for this dog!

Bernese Mountain Dog standing outside

Bernese Mountain Dog Growth Chart For Pups And Adults

This Bernese Mountain Dog growth chart explains the changes that the puppies go through during the first year of their lives.

Bernese Mountain Dog standing in the forest

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs Shed? Shedding Light On the Matter

Do Bernese Mountain Dogs shed? In this article, we answer that question and offer you some useful grooming tips that will help you deal with all the loose hair.