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Bernedoodle is a designer dog breed made by crossing a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle with a goal of combining the most favorable traits of both breeds. One thing is certain, its slightly goofy “teddy bear” features will mealt your heart.

A Sable Bernedoodle: A Potentially Good Dog For Your Family?

A Sable Bernedoodle is a mixed-breed family dog, known for its unique multi-colored coat. It’s rare, but it’s highly intelligent and easy to care for.

Bernedoodle lies on a wooden base

The Bernedoodle: A Complete Guide, From Puppy To Fully Grown

The Bernedoodle: All the information you need about this Bernese mountain dog-poodle designer breed, from puppy to full grown

an australian bernedoodle standing against a brown brick walls

Australian Bernedoodle: All There Is To Know About This Dog

Australian Bernedoodle is a unique type of Bernedoodle ready to blow you away. Click here to find out its cool general traits.

Merle Bernedoodles lies and rests

Are Merle Bernedoodles Rare? A Guide To Bernedoodle Coloring

There is something unique about merle Bernedoodles. Is this a natural color pattern for this hybrid breed, or is something else causing it?

standard bernedoodle leaning on wooden platform

The Standard Bernedoodle: A Doodle That Will Steal Your Heart

A standard Bernedoodle is a cuddly puppy that is so smart and sweet he'll steal your heart for good. You MUST check out the facts about him!

small bernedoodle puppy with three colors against the plank wall

Mini Bernedoodles: Small Pups With The Biggest Of Hearts

Mini Bernedoodles are smaller versions of regular Bernedoodles, but much cuter. These teddy bear puppies will steal your heart!

cute bernedoodle on grass

Do Bernedoodles Shed? Grooming And Care Tips

Do Bernedoodles shed, or are they good for allergy sufferers? Let’s learn all there is to know about Bernedoodle’s coat type!

a beautiful bernadodle lies in the grass

Are F1B Bernedoodles The Best? Bernedoodle Generations Explained

F1B Bernedoodle, F2 Bernedoodle – You've probably seen these labels on Bernedoodle sale listings, but do you know what they really mean?

Are Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic? Are They Safe For Allergy Sufferers?

Are Bernedoodles Hypoallergenic? Find The Honest Answer Here!

Honest advice about pet allergies and the Bernedoodle, with tips on reducing allergy symptoms.

bernedoodle dog lying on the grass

Bernedoodle Colors: The Berner/Poodle Mix Coat Colors Explained

All the Bernese Mountain Dog Poodle crossbreed coat colors, from standard to rare explained in full.

adorable bernedoodle in the grass

Crunching The Numbers: How Much Does A Bernedoodle Cost?

How do you find the right breeder? What are other expenses? The answers to all these questions lie here.

The Australian Mountain Doodle sits in the leaves

The Australian Mountain Doodle: The Perfect Family Dog?

A perfect family dog? Find all the answers you need and more in this helpful 'Doodle' guide!

Bernedoodle sitting on grass

9 Cutest Bernedoodle Haircuts For Your Dog (With Pics)

Are you looking for the next hairstyle your puppy definitely needs? Check out our 9 best Bernedoodle haircuts that will leave no one indifferent!

bernedoodle on a chair

Bernedoodle Growth Chart: How Big Will My Bernedoodle Get?

Do you want to learn whether your Bernedoodle is growing into a healthy dog? We have prepared a Bernedoodle growth chart for you to find out!

toy bernedoodle in white basket

Is Toy Bernedoodle A Dog For You?

Looking for a smart puppy with family traits? Then the toy Bernedoodle is the right choice for you! Check out the text for more!