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Belgian Malinois Found In Mud Meets With His Rescuer A Year Later

Belgian Malinois Found In Mud Meets With His Rescuer A Year Later

It’s always hard to see a dog abandoned on a street or in the woods, but what’s even harder is realizing that a dog that you have just seen was a victim of animal abuse.

That’s exactly what happened to Dennis, the Belgian Malinois who was, back then, just a one-year-old puppy. When Henry, the animal rescuer, first found him in the middle of a farm in Ensenada, Mexico, he was too weak to stand on his own legs. So, Henry decided to help him…

Denny Wasn’t Able To Walk When He Was Found

man carrying a dog in his arms
Source: The Dodo

The reason why Dennis wasn’t able to walk or even stand on his own legs was because he was a victim of severe animal abuse. 

Even though Henry first thought that this poor dog was hit by a car, he later found out that someone intentionally hit him with some object, like a rock or a shovel.

“The vet said he was more likely intentionally hit with a blunt object, perhaps a rock, a pipe, or a shovel… I wish the vet said it was just an accident so I wouldn’t have to face the disgusting reality.”

As Dennis couldn’t make it on his own, Henry immediately took him to the local vet and took care of him. The dog was extremely scared and insecure, and Henry decided to take things slow…

“We were among the first people to show him that kind of positive human interaction.”

The vet recommended several weeks of crate rest, after which Henry transported Dennis to San Diego, California.

The Animal Pad Took Good Care Of Him

belgian malionis dog standing on green floor
Source: The Dodo

Henry took Dennis to the partnering organization called The Animal Pad rescue. They continued to provide help for this canine until he finally got better. He was finally able to take his first steps after a long time, but he was still pretty traumatized.

As his condition improved significantly since Henry first left him in rehabilitation, Dennis got a foster mom who was in charge of socialization and further care.

man cuddling belgian malionis while looking each other in the eyes
Source: @keepingfinn

Danielle And Dennis Were Just Meant To Be

Danielle Batakis, from San Diego, California, was more than happy to have Dennis in her home. Even though she didn’t have much experience with Belgian Malinois dogs, she bonded with Dennis in no time. 

She was supposed to be his temporary foster, but things evolved so quickly that she wouldn’t let him go anywhere else. 

“You had a rough start to life, and we had a rough start to our journey together, but I’ve never been more sure you were meant to be mine forever. 
I promise to never let anyone hurt you again and you never be stuck in mud alone. I promise you’ll always be loved and have a warm place to sleep,” wrote Danielle on her Instagram.

Day after day, Dennis started becoming more sociable and friendly towards strangers. He was finally getting over his previous traumas and fears, and he started reaching his full canine potential.

Park walks became the favorite part of his day, as well as those back yard training sessions with Danielle. It seemed that Dennis finally started regaining the real Malinois character with his new mom.

Emotional Reunion 365 Days After The Rescue

man kissing belgian malionis in the park
Source: Newsweek

Henry decided to pay Dennis a visit a year after he rescued him in Mexico. Danielle wasn’t sure if the dog would remember him, but as soon as Dennis saw Henry in a park – he ecstatically rushed towards him and gave him the cutest hug in the world!

man cuddling dog belgian malionis
Source: The Dodo

It was an emotional moment both for Henry, who was glad that his buddy remembered him, and for Danielle, who was just so happy to see Dennis being so friendly towards other people. 

Once an abused, insecure doggo, Dennis was now the pawfect companion. We wish him and Danielle a lot of pawesome moments together!