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belgian malinois

Also known as ‘That Dog that Looks like a German Shepherd’, Belgian Malinois is a breed that is yet to reach the huge popularity of its German cousin. You can find all information you need about these shepherd dogs here! 

happy Belgian Malinois on wooden bench

How Much Do Belgian Malinois Cost? All You Need To Know

If you're looking for information about Belgian Malinois price, then this guide is made just for you!

two Malinois on the beach

Male Vs. Female Belgian Malinois: The Key Differences

Which one of the two is your choice? Explore all the differences and see which one is the best fit for you.

Belgian Malinois outside sitting

Belgian Malinois Shedding – How Bad Is It? (And How To Reduce It)

How bad is this breed's shedding amount? Here is all you need to know about maintaining your Malinois coat!

Belgian Malinois dog lying on the leaves

All Belgian Malinois Colors Explained – What Colors Are Up To The Breed Standard?

What Belgian Malinois colors are out there? Do all of these dogs have black masks? Let's dive right in.

belgian malinois

Belgian Malinois Mixes – 16 Crossbreeds To Check Out

Are Belgian Malinois mixes better than purebred dogs? Let's break some stigma around these magnificent pups!.

belgian malinois in a field of poppies

Belgian Malinois Names: Find The Best Name For Your Mal

Find the perfect name for your Belgian Malinois with our list of the best and most popular names ever!

Long-Haired Belgian Malinois sitting in woods

Long-Haired Belgian Malinois: All The Information You Need

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about the long-haired version of the Belgian Malinois.

belgian malinois standing

Belgian Malinois Growth Chart – When Do Belgian Malinois Stop Growing?

A growth chart is a great way to understand how big these dogs will get, and what you can expect.

aggressive belgian malinois

Are Belgian Malinois Aggressive? 11 Temperament Questions Answered

Are these pups truly aggressive or is this just a myth? And, are they more dangerous than German Shepherds?

belgian malinois in front of a food bowl

The Belgian Malinois Feeding Chart: How To Feed Your Beauty

This feeding chart will address all of your pup’s needs. Read more to learn about the whys and hows of dog food!

Belgian Malinois

Belgian Malinois Training: The Do’s And Don’ts Of Training

Belgian Malinoises are a very clever breed, and can make for great pets. This article is a guide for their training.

Belgian Malinois lying on the pavement

All About Military Belgian Malinois: Favorite K9 Fighter

Do you know why the Belgian Malinois is so popular with the military? Read on and let this fine pooch win your heart as he wins the battles!

Belgian Malinois is playing with a child

Are Belgian Malinois Good With Kids Or Not? Aggression In Dogs

Are these pups good with kids or are they too aggressive for family life? Find the answer to that question right here.

Belgian Malinois sitting on floor by his bowl

Homemade Dog Food For Belgian Malinois Benefits (+Recipe)

Homemade food has benefits that commercial dog food doesn't. Learn to make food for your Belgian Malinois with our easy recipe.

belgian malinois sitting in the flower field

14 Best Dog Foods For Belgian Malinois – What To Feed Your Mal

What is the best dog food for Belgian Malinois, and how important is proper nutrition? Here's what you should know.

belgian malinois with toy in mouth

11 Best Toys For Belgian Malinois

Quality dog toys will challenge Belgian Malinois dogs both mentally and physically. Find what the best ones are right here.