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Abandoned Belgian Malinois Kept Circling Around The Neighborhood, Hoping To Find His Family

Abandoned Belgian Malinois Kept Circling Around The Neighborhood, Hoping To Find His Family

Our dogs are our treasure and our best friends. They are always with us, giving us their unconditional love and support. We cherish them immensely and let them know every day how much we love them.

Our doggos know that our home is the place where they belong and that will never change.

Sadly, there are cruel and insensitive dog owners who dump their pups without caring about what happens to them. The lovely canines don’t understand that their owners let them down and abandoned them without the intention of ever coming back.

The faithful canines always stay at the place where they were left, hoping to see their owners again and run into their arms.

Our next story is about Vader, one of the many faithful dogs who kept waiting for his family to return for him after they dumped him.

Suzette Hall Comes To His Rescue

The sweet Belgian Malinois was abandoned and left in a South California neighborhood. After the residents saw him circling the area near a highway, some of them tried to catch him and rescue him.

Unfortunately, the pup would run away from them every time. Sometimes, he would hide on the surrounding streets, and other times, he would run towards the highway.  

Worried for his safety, the residents called Suzette Hall, the rescuer and the founder of Logan’s Legacy, asking for her help.

When Hall arrived at the neighborhood, she decided to watch the dog and learn his habits

“He definitely did have a home before. He would circle the same three streets over and over again, and that’s what they do when they’ve been dumped — they stay in the area where they were left,” Hall told The Dodo.

Hall was brokenhearted to see the loyal pup, whom she later named Vader, tirelessly roaming the streets. Despite being lonely and scared, his hope of being reunited with his family didn’t waver.

In order to survive, the abandoned dog had no other choice but to look for scraps of food in the neighbors’ yards and drink gutter water. 

Trying To Capture Vader

portrait of a Belgian Malinois walking down the street
Source: Suzette Hall

Hall was determined to find out where Vader was hiding, so that she could set her trap at one of his hiding places.

Soon, she found out where the doggo was sleeping. She set a trap, hoping that the delicious treats would lure Vader into the crate. However, Hall ended up feeling disappointed because the dog sniffed the food and walked away.

Hall and her rescue team didn’t give up, and they placed the trap into a different yard in the middle of the night. It was quiet and they hoped with their whole hearts that the pup would feel safe to finally enter the trap.

The rescuers left little pieces of hot dogs in Vader’s direction. They hid and watched him, and it didn’t take long for the pooch to go into the trap.

As soon as the rescuers saw him in the crate, they were relieved. His life was no longer in danger.

portrait of a Belgian Malinois in a cage
Source: Suzette Hall

Hall took Vader to her car. On their way to the Camino Pet Hospital, the pup fell asleep. Seeing him sleeping warmed Hall’s heart. She was glad that he felt safe at last.

When they arrived at the hospital, Vader was frightened. The staff talked to him and tried to make him feel at home. They gave him a lot of cuddles that he needed. 

Surrounded with love, he quickly warmed up to his caregivers. Although he was found to be in good health, he spent a few days at the hospital in order to relax.

Enjoying Life In His Foster Home 

After Vader decompressed a little bit, he moved to a foster home in Lake Forest, California. His foster mom, Brittanny Gehr, is a dog trainer at Rowdy Pups Dog Training.

At first, Vader was scared, but Gehr showered him with love and helped him turn into a trusting and happy pup. The adorable Belgian Malinois fit in perfectly with the rest of the pack.

“… He is the most adorable, precious, loyal and loving companion. Training this boy has sure has been fun! Watching him go from scared to curious to trusting, to enjoying life knowing everything is going to be good from here on out, Gehr wrote on Facebook.

The wonderful canine loves going on walks with his foster siblings. He enjoys snuggling the most.

“He’d cuddle somebody all day if he could. He cuddles with all of his foster brothers, including a new puppy the trainer just got. He and that puppy just lay together on the couch all day,” Hall said.

It’s not clear whether Vader found his forever home yet. However, we are sure that the adorable and loving canine will find a wonderful family who will cover him in kisses and give him all the love that he needs.