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Beautiful Lab Shows Off Her Amazing Talent And Wins Over The Audience From All Over The World

Beautiful Lab Shows Off Her Amazing Talent And Wins Over The Audience From All Over The World

Tail wagging has always been a way for dogs to express their emotions, mostly positive. When a dog is sad and feels rejected, it is almost invisible, but when it is is happy, its tail is everywhere. 

One dog who received a special gift from her owner could not hide her delight, and was wagging her tail so much that even her whole body started to move. However, it all took on another dimension when the owner started recording her movements. 

Then, this dog shone in her full glory and showed her incredible talent, delighting people all over the world. 

Canine Shakira

cute dog holding a toy on the bed
Source: @foxredpeggy

The Labrador Retriever named Peggy has always been a cheerful pup, and that’s why her owners Jess and Isaac instantly fell in love with her. 

Given her breed, it’s no wonder she’s always loved carrying something in her teeth, but her parents soon recognized another great passion of hers. Whenever Peggy is happy, she can no longer sit still, and her body instinctively goes into action.

That’s why, one day, Jess decided to buy her a present that made this pup joyful more than anything else in the world. As soon as she saw the dancing skirt in the hands of her owner, Peggy was already over the moon. But, everything culminated when her mom dressed her in it.

dog in skirt dancing
Source: @foxredpeggy

Peggy could no longer control her body, and her movements resembled the dancing of Shakira in her prime. Jess filmed these incredible scenes and posted the video on Peggy’s Instagram profile.

The video, titled: “have you ever seen a wigglier butt? 👀🤪🤭✨” features an excited Peggy demonstrating her most sophisticated dance moves on the couch, wagging her tail and radiating an incredibly positive energy.

A caption shared with the post says: “Happy wiggle butt wednesday friends. I had to do it, I was officially sent the OG reel by @chocolatelabradori far too many times…so in a half-asleep state the other night I placed an order online and, here we are…she kept ending up shaking so hard the skirt was falling off of her…”

Still, it was all worth it because Peggy would not have been able to show all the splendor of her dancing skills if it wasn’t for that magical skirt. 

Audience Dancing With Her

At the end of the video post description, Jess asked the audience: “who needed to see the goblin ear/wiggle butt + dancing skirt combo? 🙈[?]”

Although she knew that this dance performance would attract a lot of attention, she could not have dreamed that so many people would answer her question positively. In a very short time, this video received millions of views as well as many reactions. 

comments on social media platform
Source: @foxredpeggy

“Stop doing this to animals 🙅‍♂️ They’ll start to feel ✨BONITA✨, slay 👄 and coordinated a world domination 🌎🎚️,” one user wrote. 

“Giving Shakira a run for her money! 😂,” another one joked. 

And the third quipped: “Loved and totally needed this…please tell her thank you for the mood lifting giggle✌️😍.”

This dancing dog showed us all that canines like herself also have skills and talents that just need to be recognized to shine on the surface. Peggy made the most of her chance to shine in front of the whole world.

And, who knows? Maybe this is just the beginning and we will soon watch Peggy on the big stage dancing together with the biggest stars like Shakira, herself. 

Fingers crossed.