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Beagles are a cheerful, energetic and intelligent little fellas that became very popular pets. They are known for their affectionate nature and their ability to be highly trainable. Beagles are good at hunting and tracking, but they can also be trusted as watchdogs. You will fall in love with this breed! 

Beagles standing in a field

What Is The Beagle Lifespan? Beagle Health Issues And Life Expectancy

If you're looking to get this dog breed, this question might pop into your head. Let's find out!

cute beagles playing with the wood in the field

Male Vs. Female Beagle: Which Is The Best Choice For You?

Do you need help choosing between a male and a female Beagle? This guide will help you decide which is best.

the beautiful Beagle is standing in the field

10 Beagle Colors: Choose Your Best Color Combinations

There is more to the standard Beagle colors. Check out some of the most unique Beagle color combinations that will blow your mind!

beautiful beagle sitting on grass

How Much Do Beagles Cost? Puppy And Adult Dog Life Expenses

Read this article to find out all about the expenses regarding this beautiful scent hound dog breed!

regal blue tick beagle contemplating world by the stairs

Blue Tick Beagle – A Complete Guide for Beginner Owners

This hunting dog named after its coat pattern. It’s energetic and intelligent and can be easily trained.

beagle eating food

The Beagle Feeding Chart: Building The Ideal Diet For Your Pooch

This chart creates a solid foundation on which to build your own dog’s feeding guide. See what it looks like here.

cute beagle puppy running over meadow

Beagle Growth Chart: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

Learn everything about the size and weight of this wonderful family companion before you finally get one!

beagle in the wood

Are Beagles Hunting Dogs? The Truth About These Sniffers

Look no further... we have prepared all the answers and facts in this engaging article!

beagle eating food

14 Best Dog Food For Beagle: PupVine’s Favorites

Top-quality dog food for Beagles is the one featuring 100% real animal proteins, good carbs, natural fibers, and many other nutrients.

Beautiful beagle dog standing outdoor

What Were Beagles Bred For — The Interesting History Of Beagles

Read more to learn about the history of Beagles and what they have been used for throughout history till today!

beagle smelling green grass

Best Harness For Beagle Dogs: Pupvine’s Top 12

If you are looking for the best dog harness for your pooch, don't look any further. Find the best harness for you Beagle here.

beagle puppy chewing a toy

12 Best Beagle Toys That Will Keep Your Pup Happy

Here are the top picks of toys that your Beagle will enjoy on a daily basis inside and outside the house!

beagle running fast outdoor on the grass

11 Reasons Why Beagles Are The Worst Dogs You Can Have

Sure, Beagle canines are cute and fashionable, but at what cost? Check out 11 reasons why Beagles are the worst dogs to have at times.

sad beagle lies on the couch

Separation Anxiety In Beagles: 7 Reasons And 5 Solutions

Separation anxiety in Beagles happens often because they're extra-friendly dogs. But, what exactly causes it, and how to end it?