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Senior Beagle Was Living In The Middle Of Nowhere Before A Couple Came And Rescued Her

Senior Beagle Was Living In The Middle Of Nowhere Before A Couple Came And Rescued Her

Adri and her partner were driving down a road in the middle of nowhere on their way to their Georgia home. They were surprised to come across a Beagle crossing the street. Worried for her safety, they immediately stopped and rushed to help her.

Once they took her in their arms, they felt brokenhearted to see the sweet pooch looking frightened and incredibly sad. 

Adri stroked the little pup and reassured her that everything would be alright. The couple took her home.

Trying To Win Mocha’s Heart

scared puppy
Source: The Dodo

They kept hoping that somebody was looking for the sweet pooch, although she didn’t have a collar or a microchip. The couple contacted the shelters and posted photos of the doggo online, but nobody was looking for her.

The pup was terrified and couldn’t even look her rescuers in the eyes. She kept her tail tucked between her legs all the time. Adri was heartbroken to see Mocha hiding her face under the tiny cabinets in their home. 

“It was pretty clear to us from the start that she wasn’t used to being inside a house. [She] wasn’t really used to human interaction either,” Adri told The Dodo.

poor dog smelling food from man's hand
Source: The Dodo

The doggo’s rescuers named her Mocha and started working slowly with her. They hand-fed her, trying to win her trust. 

Concerned that the doggo might have left her puppies, they took her to the place where they found her. They searched the area, but they didn’t find the puppies. 

Adri and her partner felt sad when they realized that Mocha’s owners must have abandoned her after she gave birth.

Introducing Her To The Other Rescue Dogs

woman's hand and dog in front
Source: The Dodo

The couple introduced Mocha to their other rescue dogs, and that was the moment when things began changing for the better. The pups showed Mocha how to be a dog. They welcomed her and played with her outside.

Since Mocha didn’t let Adri come close, she tried to socialize with the pooch through the glass patio door. 

At first, Adri would put her hand on the glass door and call Mocha to come. When the other rescue dogs would run to the glass door where they saw their mom, Mocha started coming, too.

The pup felt safer to interact with Adri this way. However, she was still frightened. Whenever Adri would open the door, Mocha would run away. 

Gradually, Adri began sticking her hand out the door, and Mocha would cover her hand in sweet kisses. 

Mocha Finally Feels Safe

scared dog being cuddled
Source: The Dodo

After four weeks passed, an amazing thing happened. Mocha came up to Adri and sat with her. Adri was over the moon because it was the first time she willingly approached her.

“The first time that she sat next to me and just sat, she wasn’t looking for an escape route. I didn’t have any treats to offer her. I mean, I could tell her eyes were kind of darting, but she just sat there with me,” Adri said.

The couple continued showering Mocha with love, and Mocha trusted them with her whole heart. Because of their love and patience, her fears disappeared. 

scared puppy
Source: The Dodo

“And since then, we’ve made huge progress, where she’ll climb on my lap and you know, she’ll let me pet her all over and everything. And seeing that transformation is – it makes every bit of the effort worth it,” she said.

In the beginning, Adri and her partner’s plan was to find Mocha a loving home, but after a while, it became clear that she was already home. Their home in Georgia was the place where she belonged.

We are thrilled that Mocha found a wonderful family who gives her the love that she deserves. The pup finally has the happy home that she always wanted.