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Bald 4-Pound Puppy Covered In Sores Is Now A Doggo Girl With The Prettiest Fur

Bald 4-Pound Puppy Covered In Sores Is Now A Doggo Girl With The Prettiest Fur

Nothing beats the transformative power of love!

In a life full of ups and downs, Pixie has always found a way to thrive. And, when she finally discovered the true meaning of love – she truly blossomed! 

Before she found her safe haven in Atlanta, Georgia, her days were filled with uncertainty. This little bald princess wandered the streets all alone until she stumbled upon the yard of a kind homeowner.

The rest, as they say, is history!

From Wandering Alone To A New Life

A concerned homeowner spotted Pixie roaming their yard. What truly broke their heart was her poor exterior. 

She was described as a “burned puppy” that required immediate help. That’s when Lifeline Animal Project, at Fulton County Animal Services, Atlanta, Georgia, stepped up!

“A concerned citizen called us about a small puppy wandering alone. When our officers rescued her, we immediately knew that this little pup needed help,” the LAP team wrote on Facebook.

When she was taken into the facility, Pixie had no more than four pounds. She suffered from a severe case of demodex mange, which resulted in her coat being completely gone. She had scabs and wounds all over, and required medical assistance as soon as possible.

The giant-hearted team of rescuers took Pixie in without thinking twice. And, the very next day, she was on her way to a foster home with her new momma, Daphne.

“She’s receiving medicated baths, lots of love, and can’t wait to be a happy, healthy puppy,” LAP wrote on Facebook.

Making New Friends (And Growing The Most Fabulous Fur)

It took Pixie only a couple of weeks to adjust to the brand-new life. Despite her past, she was full of enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to meet all of her new siblings. She was the smallest one in the house, but that didn’t stop her from showing her true colors!

Elliot, another dog that was rescued as a stray, was particularly fond of her! And, the friendship was soon made.

Daphne couldn’t quite tell whether it was his previous life that made him so caring around Pixie, but these two doggos soon formed an incredible bond.

“I don’t know if maybe he remembers being in that phase, but he really kind of took on the role that the other dogs took when he came into the house,” Daphne told The Dodo.

They played together, ate together, and her new brother even taught her social manners! With Elliot around, Pixie soon became a social butterfly. But, the real shocker was how fast her fur was growing back.

Within only six weeks, she grew an amazing, shiny coat that left everyone in awe. She was now a read-headed beauty that looked nothing like her old self. 

Finally, A Home

It didn’t take long for her inspiring story to touch the hearts of many people out there. After a month and a half in Daphne’s home, Pixie found her way to her forever home with the most amazing family.

She’s continued her life journey with the people who truly love her – and now she gets to show off all of her qualities in a new home!

With every new day, Pixie gets to take on new adventures with her hoomans. She has never been happier in life, all thanks to the good people who wouldn’t give up on her.

Once a four-pound pup with no fighting chance, she’s now a big girl with a whole life ahead of her!