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These Bald Puppies Found In A Bucket Will Amaze You With Their New Look

These Bald Puppies Found In A Bucket Will Amaze You With Their New Look

It doesn’t happen so often that when you go out to mow the grass in your private garden, you see some unknown bucket in the middle of the road. Surely, nothing would be clear to you and you would not know where it suddenly appeared from.

And, just imagine if that bucket starts moving slowly and you hear crying coming from it. You would surely be in deep shock.

This is exactly what happened to John Johnson, a homeowner who found a shocking situation in his garden. Little did he know that a beautiful story would emerge from everything. 

The Bucket Hid An (Un)Pleasant Surprise

four bald puppies
Source: Diamond Paws

When he stepped on the grass, John spotted something unusual near the edge of his yard. A rusty bucket not belonging to the family sat against the backdrop of the lush greenery. 

However, the bucket itself was not as surprising to him as its gentle movement, which shocked him. When he came slightly closer to see what it was about, he was speechless. 

He just stood over the bucket and stared in amazement. Inside were 4 bald, abandoned puppies whose cries hit straight to the heart.

The bald puppies, with their fragile bodies huddled together, stared back at him with pleading eyes. It was a sight that John could not remain immune to, and he immediately called his family to consult with them on what to do next.

It didn’t take long for them to agree to call professionals for help.

They Transformed Into Beautiful Pups

bald puppies
Source: Diamond Paws

John called the RSPCA, and when their inspector, Rebecca Timberlake, heard what was going on, she immediately went to the “crime scene”.

Rebecca, who has a soft heart for small puppies, quickly sprung into action. Along with Johnson and his family members who also came, she took the little ones to a nearby vet. 

The vets determined they were Cocker Spaniels and at around 6 weeks old. 

When it came to the diagnoses, it was grim. An advanced case of scabies, dehydration, and troubling eye problems plagued them. 

All of them were heartbroken after hearing the diagnosis because they knew what all these little pups had to go through at the very beginning of their lives. 

They were direct victims of irresponsible owners who neglected them, and ultimately, cruelly threw them out on the street.

Fortunately, fate itself took care of them and wanted these good people to find them and help guide them on the right path.

That journey was not at all easy because the treatment was quite strict, but at the same time, necessary. Regular medicated baths and antiviral medication became a lifeline for the poor pups. 

dog with fur problems
Source: Diamond Paws

All this lasted for a long time, and the Johnsons, who formed a deep bond with them, were constantly waiting for new updates on their health. 

And, as they say, “he who waits, he will receive”, one day, they suddenly saw 4 beautiful little boys with big smiles on their faces.

The recently bald, sick little dogs became happy, playful pups whose fur literally shone as a symbol of their new lives.

Three Warm Homes And One Successful Career

John and his family happily agreed to take care of them until they found their happy families. They called them Dustin, El, Lucas, and Mike – after the “Stranger Things” characters. 

They were the happiest and most loving puppies they had ever seen. They were also full of positive energy, and Dustin, who was constantly on the move, stood out in particular.

Unfortunately, for them, they could not enjoy their presence for long because soon, they all got their happy endings.

Only Dustin’s path was a little different because his new family couldn’t handle his incredible energy. For this reason, he had to return to his temporary home.

However, his tireless energy and incredible talent for finding things were recognized by a police agency that soon hired him as a police dog.

According to SurreyLive, Dustin, now known in police circles as Badger, became a trained sniffer dog and one of the best cadets in the service. His police career certainly has a bright future.

Against all odds, thanks to their persistence and the people who believed in them, these once bald, sick dogs who were on the verge of survival managed to reach the skies. 

They also showed all of us that a once difficult beginning can be a springboard for something much bigger.