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This Baby And Her Dog Babysitter Have A Very Special Bond

This Baby And Her Dog Babysitter Have A Very Special Bond

There is something special about the relationship between dogs and humans. It goes way beyond what most people think it is, and it’s truly amazing.

Anyone who has ever owned a dog can tell you that having one will always make your life better in so many ways. 

But, having one while growing up: now, that’s something really wholesome. In this story, we will talk about a special bond between a puppy and her human sister.

The Sweetest Duo

baby with puppy
Source: Youtube

When Shandel first got pregnant, a very interesting thought came to mind. Why not get a puppy for her newborn baby, so they could grow up together?

She told The Dodo: “When I had a baby, something inside me just said that we need a puppy too.”

And, as simple as that, the family made the decision to make Hazley’s childhood special by adopting a dog named Jasper.

smiling baby with puppy
Source: Youtube

When they first met, both were very curious and unsure about what the other one was. It was just really a heartwarming sight.

Hazley was unsure of what to do about him, but she very slowly tried to pet him to show him that she wanted them to be friends.

And, that’s how it began. The two have remained basically inseparable since the day the family adopted Jasper, and he has basically been like a sweet babysitter for her.

Hazley’s And Jasper’s Bond

baby relaxing with puppy
Source: Youtube

A few weeks had gone by and Hazley began to crawl on all fours and follow Jasper anywhere he went.

The two would go on adventures together, and sometimes even make a small mess, only to be caught in the act by mom.

Shandel said: “And they also get in trouble together too. It’s cute, but it’s chaos too.”

Around six months have gone by and Jasper has basically doubled in size, which surprised the family. To them, it was like having two kids.

baby eats milk bottle with puppy on the floor
Source: Youtube

They pretty much do everything together, like taking a bath, going for a family walk, and playing, of course.

Shandel could not overstate just how much she loves the fact that Jasper is with them and is growing up alongside her daughter. 

He has done so much not just for Hazley, but also for the entire family, and they just can’t imagine their life without him anymore.

She said: “I don’t think that I would be even the mother I am right now if I didn’t have Jasper. It’s just been an amazing adventure.”