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Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd has been a favorite of dog lovers for generations. This breed is intelligent, alert and always ready to please. Aussies are excellent companions and great family dogs. Learn how to train, care for, and live with this loyal dog breed.

a small toy australian shepherd sitting down and looking at the camera

Toy Australian Shepherd: Your Guide To The Toy Aussie Dog

All you need to know about the Toy Aussie dog, including health, temperament, care, prices, and grooming.

portrait of Black Australian Shepherd

Black Australian Shepherd: Dog Breed Information And Facts

Check out our guide to the black Australian Shepherd coat color! Solid black Aussie Shepherds included!

a beautiful Austrian shepherd looks into the distance

The Red Tri Australian Shepherd: Here's What You Need To Know

Meet one of the most unique dogs with beautiful coat colors that make them stand out from other canines.

australian shepherd puppy

Australian Shepherd Growth Chart: Your Guide To Aussie Puppy Growth

Find out how big your Aussie will get with this ultimate guide to your favorite herding dog.

Dog australian shepherd blue merle standing on green gras

Remarkable Blue Merle Australian Shepherd: All You Need To Know

If you want to find out everything there is to know about the Blue merle Australian shepherd click here. You won’t regret it!

Red Merle Australian Shepherd stands and stares ahead

Red Merle Australian Shepherd – All About Their Amazing Nature

Here you can read everything about this magnificent and very rare breed!

australian shepherd

23 Australian Shepherd Mixes: Meet Cute Aussie Dog Breeds

Explore more about behavior, care and nature of these endearing dog breeds.

Australian Shepherd waiting for food

Australian Shepherd Feeding Chart: How Much Should Aussies Eat?

Are you feeding your pup properly? This feeding chart will help you a lot, especially if you're a new Aussie owner.

portrait of an australian shepherd

Australian Shepherd Colors: How Many Shades Are There?

Discover the various color combinations of the Aussie breed and find out how many shades there are.

owner brushing Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd Shedding: Is It Really That Bad?

Learn how much Aussies actually shed and how to deal with the shedding process.

mini australian shepherd dog

Mini Australian Shepherd Guide. Let’s Meet This Amazing Breed

Everything you need to know about this mesmerizing breed all in one place and just one click away.

Australian Shepherd standing in field

How Much Does An Australian Shepherd Cost? A Price Breakdown

Take a look at our Aussie price breakdown and find out whether they are expensive to own or not?!

two children lying in the grass and having fun with an Australian Shepherd

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Kids? A Guide For Parents

A deep dive into the Aussie sheepdog to find out how well they get along with children.

two australian shepherd dogs

Male Vs Female Australian Shepherd: Which Gender Should You Choose?

We will tell you the facts, and you tell us which one is the best gender for you!

blue merle australian shepherd dog

The Australian Shepherd Tail Mystery — Do They Have A Tail?

Read about the Australian Shepherd's tail and find out all about tail docking, natural Aussie’s tail length, and how many tail types they can have.

Australian Shepherd looking up at his food

7 Healthiest And Best Dog Food For Australian Shepherd Choices

The best dog food for Australian Shepherd dogs needs to meet a number of different criteria. Find out what the best ones are here.