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This Sweet Aussie Puppy Had Changed Completely After Meeting Her New Dad

This Sweet Aussie Puppy Had Changed Completely After Meeting Her New Dad

When Lee Asher quit his “ordinary” job to pursue his passion for helping animals, he couldn’t have dreamed where this journey would lead him. Today, he has an animal sanctuary in which hundreds of animals transform their lives and meet their happiest moments. 

The Asher House Animal Sanctuary, located in Estacada, Oregon, is a real heaven for many abused, abandoned, and discarded beings. In its premises, many touching stories have been written, and it is hard to say which one is more beautiful. 

Among them is the one about a shy little puppy with a difficult past who did not want to even look at people, let alone trust and bond with them. However, that was until this great man stepped in and provided her with the love and affection she deserved. 

Completely Shut Down

When he first saw her in the kennel, Lee Asher couldn’t believe how timid this six-month-old Aussie puppy was. She was lying in her little dark corner and just staring at one spot all the time. 

One of the shelter employees told him that they didn’t have much information about her, but they were sure she didn’t experience many happy moments during her short life. This big-hearted man was determined to help her so he immediately decided to bring her to his premises. 

When they came to his animal sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon, the puppy was so scared that she didn’t want to get outside of her kennel. However, this experienced dog lover knew exactly what to do, although he was aware that this would be a tough mission.   

“Instead of taking her out, I’ll just wait for her,” Asher said in The Asher House video. “We’ll do the slowly but surely method.” 

After they transferred her to the house and gave her some time to relax, Asher tried to approach her once again. It was another failure because she didn’t want to give him her paw, and again, didn’t even want to look at him.

However, to his satisfaction, she started searching for him when he moved a little away from her kennel. For Asher, it was a sure sign that this girl would be okay and that she would meet her happiest moments eventually. 

Amazing Transformation

The next day, after Asher gave her some time alone, this puppy slowly started to show her true colors. She was still shy, though, but she started to come out of her shell and, at least, observe her surroundings. 

“After the shelter let me know that she would never leave her kennel, I was surprised to see that she would even consider coming out of her kennel the next day,” Asher said in the video. 

He started bringing other dogs in front of her kennel to slowly introduce them to her. Asher didn’t want to force her out among the pack because he knew that getting to know them would be easier in her safe place. This soon proved to be a great strategy. 

In the next few days, this amazing puppy wasn’t in her kennel anymore. She was running around and playing with other dogs, showing the bright side of her personality. Although Asher knew this moment would eventually come, he couldn’t have dreamed that it would be so soon. 

“This beautiful dog has completely proven me wrong,” Asher said. “I thought it was going to take her months for me to be able to pet her and for her to start to trust me.”

Asher was very impressed but also quite humbled that he had the honor to witness such an amazing transformation and to participate in it. He was also very happy because he knew that the better days were coming for this dog. 

New Dog

From the moment she came out of her shell and started trusting again, this puppy didn’t remove the smile from her face anymore. Because she looked like a beautiful lady and the fact that he had to put an effort to gain her trust, Asher decided to call her Lady

On her first walk with the pack, Lady proved that she was a special dog. Asher couldn’t help but notice that she was the main star among the other canines and that all the eyes were on her. She radiated with such a positive energy that it was truly contagious.  

Asher was so proud of this dog and what she was able to become in such a short time that he couldn’t hide his delight. 

“This has been the best emotional transformation, the most beautiful emotional transformation in a dog I have ever witnessed,” Asher said. “The fact that it only took a few days is so amazing to me and so beautiful.”

At the end of this beautiful story, Asher warmly hugged his beloved Aussie puppy, and she melted in her daddy’s arms. It was when Lady healed the last wound on her soul and became a new dog

“No one is going to hurt you ever again,” Asher said at the end while holding his baby tightly in his arms.