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This Athlete Noticed A Dog Kept Showing Up At Her Practice So She Did Something Amazing

This Athlete Noticed A Dog Kept Showing Up At Her Practice So She Did Something Amazing

I have rarely been in a situation where I came upon a friendly stray dog who wanted me to adopt him.

In most cases, they are all either afraid to approach me or they are just not interested. Hardships of life have made them believe that they can’t ever live a normal life.

However, that is not true in every case. This sweet dog noticed a very special person and decided that she wanted to meet her. 

A Fateful Event

woman petting dog
Source: The Dodo

When Nina first moved to her new town, she did it because she was preparing for a professional tournament.

Her day-to-day routine was always the same, and she did not expect that anything out of the ordinary would happen.

However, things in life have a way of surprising you when you expect it the least. Just as she was going about her daily routine, a very friendly stray dog approached her.

Nina was very excited to meet her, and it was clear that the dog also liked her. It was just adorable.

woman and dog
Source: The Dodo

Nina told The Dodo: “She would start running up to me. To see how much she trusted me, I just started to fall in love with her.

They would meet on a daily basis, and it was amazing to see them interact. It was clear that the dog, now named Nips, wanted to be with Nina.

Nips Is Carrying A Surprise

dog walking
Source: The Dodo

On one ordinary day, the two would meet up again to hang out, but a security guard chased the dog away.

She asked him why he did that, and he explained that it was dangerous to have a stray around and there was the possibility that someone else might go to extreme measures to get rid of her.

So, Nina decided to welcome Nips into her home. Right after that happened, she realized that her new dog was actually pregnant.

dog playing with its toy
Source: The Dodo

Nina said: “It was really good to know that she was with us instead of being a stray dog.

Having Nips stay in her room was quite difficult because Nina was not allowed to have pets, but she would always sneak her in because the dog was worth it.

After she had to move away for the tournament, Nina needed to figure out how to help her with accommodations while she was away.

So, she found a pet store with kind people who decided to help this sweet dog while she was gone. 

A New Life For Nips

many puppies
Source: The Dodo

Just as the tournament was underway, Nips started giving birth. This motivated Nina even more to do her best in the tournament and she actually ended up winning.

After the six puppies were born, Nips was such a good mom. She always took care of them, and they were all born healthy.

They started growing up fast and things were getting pretty chaotic in the house. Immediately, all they wanted to do was explore and play around.

three puppies in the house
Source: The Dodo

It was just beautiful to see this sweet dog family grow up and learn how to enjoy the beauties of life. 

Nina said: I think the most special thing is that we ended up saving 7 lives, and we managed to find them all forever homes.

Nips, on the other hand, is going to stay with her, and she is so glad to have such a special dog with her. It’s truly amazing to see how everything turned out okay for them.