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Are Cane Corsos Banned In USA? Explaining This Prohibition

Are Cane Corsos Banned In USA? Explaining This Prohibition

The Cane Corso is a magnificent and intelligent dog whose name literally translated means bodyguard. But, there is another side of the coin; many people consider this dog aggressive and dangerous. Is this true? Are Cane Corsos banned in USA?

Many Cane Corso owners will assure other people that their dogs are perfectly gentle and tolerant canines, not capable of hurting anyone. 

We strongly believe that, with proper socialization and training, every dog can become a well-behaved and obedient dog.

However, we cannot deny the fact that Cane Corso dogs were used for dog fighting in the past. Also, this dog is muscular, large, and looks like a lot to handle. You will probably not consider holding this dog in an apartment!

The Cane Corso needs its space, a lot of food, and a lot of exercise. Many people will tell this dog is intimidating by just looking at it. 

Considering this dog’s traits, is there some kind of prohibition of owning a Cane Corso in the United States? 

Let’s find out!

Are Cane Corsos Banned In USA?

cane corso is lying on the ground in the park

Cane Corsos are banned in some places in the United States. The places in the United States where you are not allowed to own a Cane Corso are the following:

• Arkansas

• Colorado

• Idaho

• Kansas

• Nebraska

• Oregon

• South Dakota

• Washington

So, are Cane Corsos really so aggressive? Is there a quality reason to ban these dogs in some places? 

We have to admit that Cane Corsos are one of those dogs that can look quite intimidating to people who see them for the first time, so, according to some opinions, there are good reasons for banning these dogs.

Breed-specific Legislation

There is a law called breed-specific legislation. This law regulates or prohibits certain breeds of dogs in a given area. According to some beliefs, such a law is considered to be effective in reducing dog attacks on humans and other animals.

However, the question arises as to how good this law actually is for dogs and for people – or is it actually a law that discriminates against breeds?

Breed specific legislation usually applies to Pitbull types of dogs, but can also apply to American Bulldogs, Rottweilers, Mastiffs, and Cane Corso dogs.

This law is not easy to implement and so far we have no valid evidence to confirm that this kind of law makes a certain community safer for both people and pets in general.

Breed specific legislation can actually cause a lot of injustice to the dogs themselves. Some dog owners do not want to give up their pets, so they continue to keep them in their home, but do not take them outside, and do not take them to regular veterinary examinations.

Treating a dog like this can have a significant negative impact on every aspect of a dog’s life and health.

Dog owners who have perfectly socialized, trained, and mild-mannered Cane Corsos suffer significantly because of this law.

Why Are Cane Corsos Banned In Some Locations?

two cane corso dogs playing on a meadow

The banning of certain breeds in some places, although we cannot totally justify it, did not come from nowhere. There are certain reasons, human experiences, and precautionary measures, due to which someone would even propose a ban on owning a certain breed.

Let’s find out the reasons why Cane Corso dogs are banned in certain places, and whether this ban is really justified.

1. Intimidating Looks

Many people will conclude Cane Corso are dangerous dogs just by looking at them.

These dogs are large and heavy. 

They have a large head with an imposing expression and a strong, muscular body. This dog’s attitude alone tells you that he is dominant and protective.

The back of the Cane Corso is broad, straight and muscular. The tail of this dog is set quite high. In some places, owners still dock the tail and crop the ears of the Cane Corso dogs

According to some opinions, these procedures make the Cane Corso look even more dangerous. 

Cane Corso owners to whom this dog is extremely loyal and affectionate can see it as a small, harmless dog. But the truth is that most people will see this dog as potentially dangerous and scary.

2. Dogfighting In The Past

Dogfighting is quite a sensitive topic. This refers to a cruel sport that involved strong and muscular dogs with powerful jaws and great bite force. One of the dogs used in these activities is the Cane Corso.

Fortunately, dog fighting is illegal in most states today. However, it is known that in some places dog fights are still held secretly.

Cane Corso dogs were not at all by nature aggressive dogs, but people encouraged them to this behavior by their actions. Individuals who wanted their dogs to participate in dog fighting would isolate these dogs, and would not socialize them with other dogs, which would soon take its toll.

This sport is very inappropriate and frightening, and can lead to injuries and even death of dogs.

Since Cane Corso dogs have participated in these kinds of sports, many people believe that these dogs are still bloodthirsty and unsocialized.

3. Aggressive Behavior

How can we characterize one dog as an aggressive dog breed? Can aggression really be a trait of all members of a certain breed?

Well, Cane Corso dogs are territorial and protective. This means that they will protect their owners no matter what. So, if you have a Cane Corso, you should not leave it outside while you are having people over.

Also, this dog has a strong prey drive, so, this means that there is a high possibility this dog will chase after other animals. Therefore, having a Cane Corso and having another dog, or a cat, might not be such a good idea.

Since they are loyal and protective over their owners, Cane Corso dogs might attack other people that they perceive as a potential threat.

For these reasons, the Cane Corso is often seen as an aggressive breed. We believe that with proper upbringing and socialization, any dog can be obedient and tame.

However, not all people will share this opinion. For some people, dogs like the Cane Corso will always be dangerous and they will want to stay away from them.

Is The Cane Corso Ban Justified?

cane corso lying on the grass in the yard

The justification for banning Cane Corso ownership is quite complex. On the one hand, we all want to have a safe environment for us, our children, and our pets.

On the other hand, not all Cane Corso dogs are potentially dangerous. This will depend significantly on the attitude of the owner, and on his effort to raise a well-behaved dog.

Also, Cane Corso dogs need a lot of activity, exercise, and mental stimulation every day. If they don’t have that, these dogs will show destructive behavior.

Banning the possession of a certain breed can sometimes bring more harm than good, both to the owners and to the dogs.

What we can definitely advise is that the owners behave responsibly and take care of the well-being of their dogs, but also the well-being of other people and animals in their environment.


Are Cane Corsos banned in USA? In some places, yes. So, you should check the laws in your state, if you are considering becoming a Cane Corso owner.

These dogs can be wonderful family dogs, since they are so loyal and devoted to their owners. However, we would like to advise all potential owners that Cane Corso dogs might not be the best choice for people with small children, or for people with multiple pets.

Cane Corso dogs are magnificent dogs, but are also very territorial and protective. In some situations, these dogs’ behaviors might be characterized as dangerous and unwanted.

There is not much you can do if there is a breed-specific regulation in your location. If owning a Cane Corso is not allowed in your state, we strongly recommend you to look for another dog breed.

Having a dog that is not allowed to be seen in public will do nothing good to your Cane Corso. We hope that this law will be better developed in the near future.